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for Remnant's Beast Wars

6/17 c28 Looperst
It’ll be interesting to see how you integrate stuff like the Battle of Beacon, the weaponized moon, and the Ark and Nemesis.
6/17 c29 Looperst
Damn, this is very interesting and well written. Are you alluding to the path to White Rose here? And it’s interesting to see Blackarachnia on the path back to the Maximals early.
5/11 c29 Guest
Oh is that a Whiterose hint I’m sensing? I’m down and this was a pretty good chapter hope to see the next one soon.
5/9 c29 15Leaf Ranger
I really hope you get Raven an actual chance here. Rooster teeth screwed over her character really bad, turning her into what she is currently. MOnty apparently had a much better plan for her, as he had her talk to Yang after the Breach, implied through a scene that's post credits at the end of Season 2, which showed she actually gave a damn about Yang instead of the BS we got in canon.

So I do hope you actually give Raven a chance, and don't have her be the crap Rooster teeth gave us. Though given what happened here, that'll be tough.

anyways, not a bad chapter overall, keep up the good work.
5/8 c29 1Shadowwolf12305
this chapter is awesome, yet scary as the energon poisoning would've killed them if the other heroes didn't showed up, and im glad there now ok, but for raven, well if she join the hero side, she and her tribe would have to deal with the maximals, teacher, ironwood and raven would also have to deal with yang and qrow most of the time.

if she lived on her own she would be caught in more crossfire that would cost her the tribe supply, injuries and posdible death of her members, and she would try to hide more in the shadow but it might not gonna be easy once the tribe is in the war.

and if she and her tribe joined the predacons, megatron would make great use with her semblances and her tribe as she would be useful to him and raven would have deal with roman, adam and the white fang, and posdibly cinder and salem and her group in the future, as she have a grudge to the maximals, megatron would take adventage of that and manipulate her into his group while at the same time offering herna deal she can't refuse.
5/6 c29 2Mobian
It seem Ironwood is jealous that Winter has a new role model in Optimus Prime. Raven already prove she only care about herself teaming up Cinder in cannon, I don't see her having issue with teaming up Megatron. Especially to spite Qrow and Ozpin. Now, for someone showing up form one their past. Most like Ghost of Starscream but it would be interesting if Summer just up out of nowhere.
5/5 c29 KamenHeroDigi
Good chapter i wait for more
5/5 c29 148EvaShinobiKaiserKnight
let's hope next chapter is G1 Megatron and if not well the Ghost of Starscream or Ravage as a predacon.
5/5 c29 5Luffy L Deathwalker
Looks like Starscream has found his way towards Remnant. As for Raven getting roped into the Beast Wars, Megatron having one maiden loosely affiliated with him is bad enough but TWO?! Raven would never ally with Megatron.
5/5 c29 4Gamelover41592
excellent work and now they have two problems in the beast wars
5/5 c29 BrutusPrimus
Nice work!
5/5 c29 StrongGuy159
Awesome chapter continue please.
5/5 c29 29SulliMike23
Knowing Raven, the only side she’ll side with will be her own. Unless the Preds decide to recruit them.
5/5 c29 TheManiacalMadman
Are you going to add references to the new Beast Wars comic?
4/17 c28 Guest
Do you think you can make a RWBY/Inuyasha crossover? I’m asking because these two are some of my favorite franchises and I would absolutely love to see a story about the cheerful,lighthearted, but still badass Ruby Rose meet the stern,tough but yet kindhearted Inuyasha especially a story made by someone with great talents such as yourself. And if you are might I suggest having theses ships in it Whiterose,InuKag(both are these are my favorite ships from those two franchises),Bumblebee,MirSan,Arkos,ReNora,and Crosshairs. If your reading this than I thank you for taking your time reading this and I hope to see the next chapter of this story soon.
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