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8/1 c32 Guest
Sorry dude, but I don't like it. I mean that's kind of weird. The wave hit them and give them new clothes and abilities from the volumes. Sorry, but I like Beast Wars Transformers what it is, and I like RWBY what it is. I'm not trying to fight you, but I'm just want you to hear me out that's all. Because I like RWBY and I want to see them just the way they are from the volumes and Beast Wars Transformers is my childhood show and I want to see them just the way they from Season 1 to 3. Except for Beast Machines that show went downhill and almost killed the Transformers franchise, at least that's what I heard.
6/21 c32 Ethan
Remember season 2 where the transformers got new bodies from that wave. What if the organic went through the same thing with new clothes and abilities from the volumes and what their called:Transmutants
6/11 c32 15Leaf Ranger
So, we're coming up to the big giant planet destroy heat ray moon thing. It'll be interesting to see how different this rolls due to remnant and stuff. I don't imagine you can necessarily do the same thing becuase it would ahve too much of a negative impact on the the entire world. though who knows, we'll see what you do.

Good chapter, keep it up.
6/1 c32 Guest
What about Primus, and the origins of the Matrix of Leadership and all the Primes?
6/2 c32 turbotoujin
Oh my! A LOT of stuff has happened in this chapter alone I could write three, maybe four reviews alone! Megatron has the Alien Golden Disk and is even more secretive then ever and he reveals to Adam and Roman that their secret alliance is not to secretive after all. And he of all people called both Ruby and Optimus to declare a truce!? This is serious!

Tigatron took a big risk going through with their plan to steal Megatron's private files but it worked out in the end and not a single shot has been fired! So technically the truce is not been broken! Well played Ruby, well played! But the fact he found out that the Vok are coming should put everyone, even Ozpin on edge! Remnant itself could be in danger if the Vok have ill intent. And they must prepare for the worst case scenario!

And finally I think all this is taking a toll on Ironwood. He was serious when he said he was going to take the Atlesian Fleet to Pred H.Q. even knowing he could accidentally spark a second Great War! And how it ends with him calling up the Ace Ops tells me he is going to get them involved with nobodies' approval! And that tells me he's going to do something the Maximals are going to regret! Maybe even break the truce! Hopefully Winter can talk him out of doing something extreme! But that's just wishful thinking!

I'm looking forward to see the next chapter already!
6/1 c32 9Alastor Grimm-Rose
This is my favorite story of all time and I love the Pepe Le Pew reference I Don't know if anyone else noticed that but I did and it was hilarious
6/1 c32 BrutusPrimus
Nice work with this!
6/1 c32 15twilightnite13
Ironwood's going to make everything worse I just know it, that's how a big man like him, letting his fear get the better of him, does things.

I really liked how you did that, but I really thought you'd have it be the Vok like in Canon, a different species than the Quints.
6/1 c32 5Luffy L Deathwalker
We all had a bad feeling that Ironwood's Tunnel vision would come back to bite him in the ass. It's no wonder RT went the direction they did with him in Volumes 7 and 8. That said. Next time the truce is broken Roman is made into Tarantula's lackey.
6/1 c32 StrongGuy159
Awesome chapter continue please.
6/1 c32 29SulliMike23
Things are gonna get messy on Remnant.
6/1 c32 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter and man things have gone nuts, though I have to say I am surprised you had Ironwood consumed by his semblance this early
5/6 c27 3bodyjaa
5/6 c31 60D.J. Scales
Now that right there was quite funny.
3/26 c31 Guest
What’s your reaction/opinion on the newly announced RWBY Ice Queendom anime series that has just been announced?
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