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for Kakashi Cursed

4/8/2020 c1 nesrinyurdakul2
It‘s so good️
3/22/2020 c2 Kurama159
I like this alternate take. Shame you havent updated. Please do or give this to someone that will
3/22/2018 c2 K Wolf
Yup. Loved it.
12/4/2017 c2 Nameless891
I really like your story! I really hope you will continue it! I need more chapters!
8/18/2017 c1 3conflicted-anon
this is great. you should totally continue this. there are not much story about Kakashi being given the curse mark
5/7/2017 c2 AinaS
More please! Such a good start and I love Chiaroscuro too!

I like the way you write Kakashi also.. not too serious about anything but hilarious all the same. :D
3/28/2017 c2 12KakashiKrazed
I am always a fan of fics where the Copy Nin and the Snake Sannin clash - and I must admit that I have often thought about what might have happened if Kakashi had stepped in during the chunin exam...I am enjoying your take on it so far - and look forward to seeing what happens when Orochimaru discovers that Kakashi survived the seal meant for Sasuke.
Keep up the great work!
2/21/2017 c2 Guest
Come back!
1/15/2017 c2 Guest
Most AU stories would give the curse mark to Naruto or Hinata, I'm happy to find one where Kakashi get's that evil mark.
3/29/2016 c1 MyNameIsLaura
Priorities? Nailed it.
3/9/2016 c2 9juman1994
This is amazing! I always wondered what would happen if someone stopped sasuke from getting the seal but for orochimaru to bite someone else, kakashi no less, is awesome! Great story and kakashi's concern for his students is so sweet D
2/22/2016 c2 3ThePlotBunnies
This story has a lot of potential! I like it a lot so far :)
2/18/2016 c2 51
i... might have shrieked a little bit when i saw this had updated. just a bit

seriously thou, i'm super excited to see where you'll be going with this (esp looking forward to team 7 reactions/shenanigans/etc)
2/17/2016 c2 Prescripto13
True, Jiraiya and Anko's arrival would mean a serious issue. Both would be excellent resources for investigating a new curse-mark, though. Good choice.
2/17/2016 c2 3LilyVampire
I wonder how long this will be. And I still find it funny that Kakashi's team in this story isn't the same as in boomvroomshroom's, but I'll manage :D Thanks for updating!
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