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for Naruto: Lemon Chronicle of the Incubus Prince

9h c20 28SparkzReborn
You should add Shamsiel Shahar and Twiska the succubus in future stories.

I could see Shamsiel bending over for Naruto
7/4 c1 eduardovargasmoraless
bruh whoever made this change your username to jiraiya and call this Icha Icha: Tales Of The Incubus Prince
6/16 c18 J
Pon a Mío y María de (shinmai maō no testament) y Amagi,Amagi,Kaga,Atago y Takao de (Azur Lane ).
Put Mio and Maria from (shinmai maō no testament) and Amagi,Amagi,Kaga,Atago and Takao from (Azur Lane).
Mi anterior comentario/My after review.
Hi, I'm Peruvian. I have a question.
What if Naruto had an incubus son.
Possibilities according to me.
1) Let him die or be killed.
2) Be transformed into a woman (with a spell).
3) What an embarrassment to part of Naruto's harem (only his sisters).

4) Let him fight Naruto over Kushina.
6/4 c20 J
Hola soy peruano tengo una pregunta
Qué pasaría si Naruto tuviera un hijo incubus.
Posibilidades según yo.
1)Que muera o lo maten.
2)Que lo transformen en mujer (con un hechizo).
3)Que embarazo a parte del harem de Naruto ( sólo a sus hermanas ).
4)Que se pelee con Naruto por Kushina.
5/21 c1 astorialiera
Why you not kill yourself?
5/2 c15 LGtech
Is Eve Kushina’s mother?
5/2 c15 LGtech
Is Eve’s Kushina’s mother?
5/1 c8 Crimson Riot 01
Xxxxxx Iwdvskz
5/1 c7 Crimson Riot 01
Me encanta
5/1 c6 Crimson Riot 01
4/28 c5 Crimson Riot 01
Esto es genial
4/28 c4 Crimson Riot 01
Esto me encantA
4/26 c3 Crimson Riot 01
Esto es genial, me encanta
4/26 c2 Crimson Riot 01
Esto es genial
4/25 c1 Crimson Riot 01
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