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4/9/2016 c2 Guest
Anne is so Anne here. I love the last line of this. And sweaty farm hand. Ha ha ha!
4/9/2016 c1 Guest
I did not realise you had written a sequel. Gil going red is so cute. What happened in the cave?
4/8/2016 c10 julie3113
A perfect ending.
3/27/2016 c10 7DianaStorm09
An awesome chapter to end this installment. It's all so in character, Anne being hurt and angry with Gilbert for walking away and not coming to Avonlea for the summer, and Gilbert doing it for the sake of their future. It's an unfortunate spot where you leaves us readers, so I hope you tackle the third year of Windy Willows soon!
3/27/2016 c9 DianaStorm09
Oh, Gilbert's PS is priceless!
3/27/2016 c8 DianaStorm09
So sorry to chime in late. All I can say is "oh la la" naughty Anne and Gilbert ;)
3/20/2016 c10 7Formerly known as J
This was a lovely way to end this part of the story, kwak. I loved how Anne's messy, tangled feelings in the first section changed to her stoic acceptance of everything: rejection letters, Katherine's resignation and Gilbert going away to work for the summer. But, I suspect, perhaps not Gilbert refusing to stay at the Blakes with her...I especially enjoyed the parallel with LMM's life with her publishers wanting Anne to continue to write children's stories, but not more adventurous older females.
My favourite picture was imagining Gilbert asleep on the train with his head in her lap after wearing himself out so he could spend that extra time with her. Favourite line: 'How many pearls on that ring?' He's just so adorably gorgeous and good.
I admired Gilbert's strength for resisting her even though he had to run such a very long way afterwards, perhaps even further than he did previously when the Fox was getting it on with Miss Swales and he was missing her so badly. You know I did also (unreasonably) like the idea of him kicking down the door to go back to her.
Everything about this was perfect. Perfect chapter, perfect ending, perfect Anne and Gilbert. Thanks again for filling in all these blank spaces for us so wonderfully. Mwah.
3/19/2016 c1 Guest
Another great story completed. Well done and very enjoyable as always. I really don't want to see your writing about these two to end after the Final Windy Willows Letters. You asked for suggestions on what else you could write about. After reading fanfiction, I found myself wondering what happened inbetween Anne of Ingleside and Rainbow Valley, while Anne & Gilbert were off in Europe for 3 months on their 2nd honeymoon. I'm sure you could probably paint some wonderful picture of what might have happened. Thank you.
3/19/2016 c10 Bena
This was amazing.
The letters, the chapters, the story... Everything.
Katherine With A K you are amazing.
Thank you very much, I look forward to the Last Windy Willows Letters. (And when it's done, to binge read all of the Redmond and windy willows letters all other again)
3/18/2016 c10 Guest
Back to say that you've ended this story in the right place.
A few ideas for future stories you could write: an Anne/Gil oneshot taking place after the dinner with Christine in AoI, or some fics set between AHoD and AoI focussing on Anne and Gil's growing family etc.
Thank you again! :)
3/18/2016 c10 Anna
Having had a whole day to think about this story after my initial speechlessness at its perfection and my overwhelming *feelings* about all of it- and having already gushed about how much I adore your writing, how you capture the spirit and voice of these characters more faithfully and consistently than sometimes even Montgomery herself, etc.- I think my highest praise is just that I WILL "let [you] know if there is something [you] have missed" in the Anne/Gil canon. I will re-read the whole original series, if necessary, to pull out lines that hint at other significant scenes yet to be explored (like the "one weekend in May") or fodder for drabbles and one-shots. When that is done, I will go back through YOUR Anne/Gil canon to see if there are any moments that you've hinted at that you could expound upon. Basically, you've created such an amazingly rich, full, beautiful, *imaginable* world for Anne and Gilbert that I feel like you could fanfic-ize your own stories. Fics on fics! Fics all the way down! And you writing their words, always!
3/18/2016 c10 Pelirroja
Finishing my midnight review :) I guess we all come to your stories in hope of giggles and sexy times (and we get much, much more) but when you write drama... when you write drama you are simply exquisite. I had chills running down my spine when I was reading this last chapter. Anne's anger and sorrow is so frank, honest and real and completely understandable. After so many fantastic stories you still manage to astonish me. Here I was thinking about a hot 8-hour make-out session on the train, lol! That was money well spent, Gil! :D Poor boy, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry for him and Anne. Well, Phil would understand :)

It was so interesting to read about the Iona story! I hope she'll be able to publish it during her third year in Summerside. What is even more interesting is the fact that she kept all those rejections from him. Might it be a subconscious reminiscence of their old-time rivalry?

I loved how you showed us the way each of them perceives the need for protection. Here we have a well-educated, successful teacher and published writer, Gilbert's equal in every way, yet still she will need to leave it all behind and be "protected" and provided for by her husband once she gets married. Horrible times to be a woman, even if we know they had a very happy family life. On the other hand, it's obvious why Gil thinks he must protect Anne from himself.

The visit to the little yellow house, first with both of them, and then just Gilbert's almost made me cry. I had been wondering if she would take advantage of their stay in the neighbourhood.

The photograph of Jimsie simply killed me. Once a chaperone, always a chaperone, I guess! :D I loved all the RD details - wasn't Anne wearing a blue dress during that infamous proposal as well?

All in all, this was a stunning story and I really don't know what I will do when "The Last of WWLL" is over...
3/18/2016 c10 18Alinyaalethia
So much to love here.
'Tell me I belong in your life'
The description of those irises
Anne's writing and those myriad rejections, the difference between what she wants to write and what is wanted
The visit to Anne's home, Gilbert's return and Anne's imagining of his meeting her family
It was gorgeous, seamless reading. It feels like the culmination of this relationship you've developed and explored between these two people. There was such openness here and a wish to understand that spoke to some core of what it means to love. Well done on another beautifully crafted and rounded story. I can't wait yo see how you cap these letters.
3/18/2016 c10 Erika
I absolutely loved this, Katherine-with-a-K. You helped bring their long, tortuous courtship to life for me.
3/17/2016 c10 5rebeccathehistorian
I was so happy to see this chapter update in my inbox. I was having a bad day and I knew this would be the perfect antidote to end the day on.

Ok, onto the review. :)

Aww, that's so sweet! Anne took Gil to the little Yellow House!

I laughed at the line, "Isn't he a dish?"

When Anne and Gil are alone in the house on Patterson Street, I kept saying, "Guys, don't do it, don't do it, don't do it!" (Because this would be an awful time if Anne became pregnant.)

I gasped at the line, "Tell me I belong in your life."

They were getting close …

Wait, what? Interesting. … That's really interesting. … Fascinating, actually. :D When I read Windy Poplars and it said that Gil went to work on the railroad, I always thought of him as working as a common railroad worker with perhaps a little bit of medical stuff on the side. But having him work in a GTR field hospital makes much more sense. And I'm really excited to hear about it. … That might mean that the railroad workers will be using a lot of dynamite. Great. (- Sarcasm) … But you know, this would be a great precursor and training for when Gil becomes the Glen's doctor because he would've been the community's doctor, if not one of several doctors or doctors-in-training/medical students.

"Not the St. Clair rail tunnel? With its constant cave-ins and suffocation?": Shoot. There'll probably be quite a few of those over the course of the summer … and it'll be interesting to see if Gil has to go into the tunnel when one of those occurred.

"I can make as much money in two months as a farm hand makes in two seasons.": Geez!

Gil will be staying at the Three Weeds Hotel? My guess is that it should really be called the Three Seeds Hotel because I wouldn't be surprised it if was that seedy. Gil has lived in horrible lodging in Kingsport before. This is just my opinion.

And to answer your question, yes, you did do that "one weekend in May" justice. Thank you for that.

And thank you for writing this story! It's been a wonderful part 2. I can't wait to read the start of part 3!

(P.S. - I'm laughing because I looked up Sarnia, Ontario for the heck of it, not expecting it to be a real place, thinking that it would be like Kingsport - based a city that exists (in this case, Halifax) but called by a different name. But it's real! That's great!)

(P.P.S. - 1) I thought GTR stood for the Great Transcontinental Railway not the Grand Trunk Railway. Haha. My bad. That's what I get for being American. :) 2) Since Sarnia is so close to the U.S., will Gil ever travel into Michigan for some medical or non-medical/personal reason? Or will he only ever stay on the Canadian side? (Side note: I don't think people needed passports to cross the border in those days.))
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