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3/5/2016 c7 5rebeccathehistorian
"For the woman who will be my wife": Ahh! I'm already so excited!

"I want to kick that boy in the rump. I also want to scruff his hair and tell him it will be alright. She might make you cry, she might even break your heart, but then she'll turn around and love you so hard you feel invincible, and you'll gladly spend the rest of your life being good enough for her.": I think I'm already starting to melt into a puddle.

I'm hilariously imagining Gil as being a "six-foot lamb" as he so says.

This is a great chapter! I wonder what Anne's letter is going to be?
3/5/2016 c7 Edkchestnut
Wow, you're really churning them out lately and I am so glad. I truly enjoy reading your stories and this was no exception. I can only imagine how much these two must blush when reading each other's letters because I know that I am blushing when I am reading them, myself. I guess that says a lot for the talent of the writer. It was nice to see Gilbert writing such a steamy letter, since Anne is usually the one who writes it. I think you should do a story set after they're married when they are spending the night in his old room. I have heard that those boyhood fantasies are the hardest to live up to and I wonder how they would do. Great job and keep 'em coming!
3/5/2016 c1 Guest
Wow. Thanks for not keep us is suspense too long waiting to see what Gilbert's Christmas letter would say.
3/5/2016 c5 7DianaStorm09
Oh, you touched on so many little things here! Anne worrying about her gift to Gilbert conjuring up memories to Charlie Sloane due to the color (hahaha), the 27 sweet kisses in the letter, little Teddy's passing and Lewis finding a home with his uncle, Katherine being like a cat with bristles (an image that made me laugh). You may call this a filler chapter, I enjoyed it as I do everything you write! Looking forward to reading more soon!
3/5/2016 c6 DianaStorm09
I really enjoyed this chapter as it's always great when you delve into Anne and Gilbert's relationships with the people around them, both of them being the good people that they are to the very core.

Katherine coming along to Avonlea for Christmas always bothered me a little when I was a selfish kid, wanting Anne to have time to spend with Diana and her kids, and of course Gilbert once he arrived in Avonlea, but as I grew up, I admired once more Anne's selflessness and big compassionate heart for the ones in pain. I love how even Anne admits she could not mask that smell of cabbage in Katherine's dreary room.

Now, as for Gilbert, to be mistaken for the Fox by the pregnant girl's brother is sure a great story you came up with here, I laughed quite a bit about it, even though I do feel very sorry for the Fox and Ms Swales. Thankfully, Gilbert has found a solution for her and the baby. I had a vision of the movie Philomena in my mind when you wrote about Miss Corke and St Martha's, is your place fictional or rooted on a real fact you've uncovered in your research?
3/5/2016 c7 DianaStorm09
First off: Me doing a happy dance after a week of hell, finding three unread updates of yours in my inbox and starting with this gem! Thank you so much for writing this gorgeous, candid letter from Gilbert to Anne. All these little memories and confessions totally made my heart melt and even more curious to work myself backwards through the other unread chapters I missed! A giant thank you for this chapter!
3/5/2016 c7 PelirrojaBiu
Girl, you're on fire these days! This chapter was everything.
3/5/2016 c7 Bright Promise 2
Beautiful, just beautiful :)
3/3/2016 c6 Anna
Is it selfish to ask for another Anne-Gil honeymoon story at some point after the Letters and Una's tale are wrapped up? I love that your Anne is starry-eyed but not naive, and I love how openly passionate she and Gilbert can comfortably be with each other already, halfway through their engagement. I feel like this is a different sort of relationship that the Anne and Gil in "Untie The Knot" had, and I'd love to read THIS couple's story, if you know what I mean- one where, for once, Anne is excited and passionate and overjoyed to finally disregard boundaries and cross into new frontiers with Gilbert, without any uncertainty about whether she'll enjoy her honeymoon. I mean... sex isn't a new invention, and happy couples probably enjoyed it as much then as they do now, and I think that this Anne is worldly enough to know that her body is telling her it's ready and aching for Gil and that answering it's need will bring fantastic relief, release, and fulfillment.

ANYWAY, enough of my babbling. The thing about this chapter that jumped out at me was the detail about Fred sobbing when his gun dog died. I've always suspected that Fred is as special as Gil is when viewed through the right set of eyes (not Anne's), and I love this little insight into his personality. I know what it's like to sob over a loyal little dog, and I am glad that Fred is the type to mourn that loss too. He's often portrayed as unenlightened and a bit oafish, but I think that Fred's a tender-hearted guy who WOULD love his animals, dote on Diana, proudly farm the land his father farmed before him, and cry with joy at the birth of each of his children.
3/3/2016 c6 Astrakelly
Great as always, really liked it
3/3/2016 c6 LizDexic
I too am a u.s. election nerd and enjoy the writing of ann voskamp, as I suspect all kindred spirits do! I'm enjoying the filler chapters, it can't all be heaving busoms and cave moments in a courtship. Theses newsies letters are just as sweet.
I have embarrassingly, have one oh so teeny inconsistency, to point out, as I happen to be a works of Kwak addict. In Un-tie the knot, Gilbert was shocked Anne had seen his exposed hip. The cave in MWWLL, so steamily blows that out of the water. Perhaps the two stories are not of the same universe. Which is a lovely and valid explanation. There is always room for more in the fAnnedom.
3/3/2016 c6 PelirrojaBiu
In a fiew short paragraphs you manage to enclose the essence of Anne, Katherine and their relationships with the world around them. Beautiful, beautiful writing. The way you write Gilbert is just outstanding, I love how he somehow finds a solution to that impossible situation. Now that we know that Anne wants to go and visit little Samuel, maybe that will be the reason for their meeting "that one weekend in May"? A christening perhaps?
Looking forward to Gil's next entry. It must be one hell of a Christmas gift/ letter if he wants her to wait with reading till they are apart again.
3/3/2016 c6 7Formerly known as J
Even though you know I love a tale of drunken debauchery, never doubt that I still loved this chapter.

I never understood why Katherine accepted the invitation to Green Gables that Christmas. In fact, I never really understood why Anne seemed to insist on it. But only Anne would recognise that 'Loneliness can choke a person' and want to do something about it. Trust you to make sense of it for me as your stories have always done for too many details to count.

Ah, but Gilbert providing the sad details of The Fox and Miss Swales! That's the story I've really been waiting for. You KNOW I just lapped up every detail and the accompanying insights into Gilbert's personality. Not to mention his fat lip and moustache to disguise it- no wonder she barely recognised him. Now we know why.

How many times can I say genius before it starts to lose its impact? I will be consulting my thesaurus for more words of praise for you, kwaky. These letters are perfect.
3/3/2016 c6 19Alinyaalethia
This must be some of your best writing. Have I ever called out your dedication at bringing to bear n the consequences of actions? It's enviable and it makes for remarkable storytelling. How devastating was that line that Katherine Brokke didn't even 'have herself'? It said everything that needed saying and filled in so many gaps in her character.

But I really liked the story you gave us in Gilbert's letter. I could very much feel him narrating, beginning in a muddle, then finding the starting place and making a second attempt at telling the story -somehow you brought out our Fox's vulnerability without completely declawing him, an that's not an easy thing to do, I know. But I think the thing I really loved about that letter was how neatly it demonstrated the kind of person Gilbert wishes to be for Anne, the sort of man he is trying to be, even while acknowledging that he wasn't always at his best, wasn't always fair and was only human at the end of the day. Then too there is that openness between these two that I have loved from the moment you began these letters. Brava on a story well told.
3/3/2016 c5 Alinyaalethia
Newsy really is the word for this chapter, and it's a delight to read. As ever you have a knack for changing tonal registers without any effort at all. One minute it's the perils of dropped stitches and 27 kisses, and the next you are unearthing secret corners in Anne that come of the loss of a family and what that means for her. I love that you;ve gone to that place, brought it to the surface and weighed out what meaning that holds for her -and I join Gilbert in hoping we get to hear a little more about her past. Though I add too that I especially like how grounded she is in the Green Gables people, how completely and entirely they have become her family.

Gilbert really ought to know better than to comment on freckles or red hair, but if he did then I suppose he'd be someone else entirely and I wouldn't enjoy his letters nearly so much. It was wonderful to hear about the safe arrival of Phil's baby -Gilbert is getting to be quite the expert in obstetrics at this rate . I had to laugh though, at his invocation of 'sappy talk' because not a bit of that letter felt sappy. Honest, certainly, newsy indeed, but never sappy. If I haven't already I ought to take a moment to tell you well done on never crossing over into that particular territory. My terminally undemonstrative self would no doubt find itself cowering under the furniture if you did :)

And you know, I do hope Anne lets us in on whatever revenge she is plotting.
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