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3/3/2016 c6 Cate
Katherine-with-a-k, I need to tell you how I have enjoyed your stories! I found this site after I finished AotI recently, and finally feel I have all the pieces of the puzzle- I've long tried to imagine what came in the gaps, but never imagined this. Well done, you have made Gilbert even Gilbert-ier, and I love the pair of them even more. I danced when I saw a new chapter so soon! Thank you so much!
3/3/2016 c6 Edkchestnut
Ha ha ha! This was brilliant. A truly enjoyable read. Well done, Katherine. I am really looking forward to more. Since you have seen fit to allude to Charlie in these last two chapters, I hope we will hear something of him and his folly in the next chapters about what happened during Christmas. Hopefully Anne and Gilbert can have more romantic encounters. Great job and keep it up!
3/3/2016 c6 5rebeccathehistorian
I was about to head to bed when I received an email saying that you had updated. I love your stories so much that I KNEW I had to read this chapter right away. And so I am.

"She must come with me to Green Gables and have the beauty of that place work on her as it worked on me. I believe it may be the only way she will ever begin to live again.": Anne's completely right, as she will soon find out.

"Whether you realise it or not, Miss Shirley, she turned toward the sun the moment you asked her to join you for Christmas. The magic isn't in Avonlea, it's in you, Anne. It always was.": This made me smile.

That's kind of worrisome when Gil says he doesn't need stitches but he's not sure….

I snorted. Oh gosh, no. Please let Gil not get gangrene. Please.

That shot me up in my seat. Dorelia is pregnant. Great. Just great. Nice going Ed. Though to be honest, I've been kind of expecting this since hearing about The Fox and Miss Swales being together under the covers in the last Windy Willows Letters. To be honest … I had thought/expected that she would've been pregnant by the end of the last Windy Willows Love Letters.

Wait, what? Ed's in debt? … Hundreds of dollars was a lot in those days. This is not going to end well. Will Dorelia leave her child when the time comes on the front stoop of the hospital? Will she leave it (him/her) in an orphanage?

In all honesty, Miss Swales will (very probably) have to go to the Sisters of St. Martha in Charlottetown. It's the best she can hope for - for both her and the baby.

In reality, I highly doubt Ed will marry Miss Swales at all.

"It doesn't seem to matter how much I learn about women, Anne, I can name your every organ and disorder and you still find a way to mystify me.": Gil sounds like a doctor here.

So Gil will only have a week home for Christmas and then he'll have to go back to school? That sucks. I thought he would have at least two weeks.
3/3/2016 c6 Bright Promise 2
A pleasant surprise to get another update! Thank you ️
3/3/2016 c5 7Formerly known as J
This is no filler chapter, kwaky. Not with all of those gorgeous, juicy details included to keep your readers satisfied.

You weave them into these letters with such confidence, and a less gifted writer certainly couldn't manage for it to seem anywhere near as natural. Not just the un-Charlie-Sloane-brown sweater confirming the breadth of Gilbert Blythe's shoulders, or the number of times Anne is indulging in remembering the details of his 'fine self', his notorious moustache or the dreams of family and (red haired) children together, but also the details and cast from canon: Phil and Jo's new baby, Rebecca Dew, Katherine (with a K), Lewis and Teddy all woven into the letters and all effortlessly part of the narrative.

You know it's the way you've used Lewis' story as the segue into Anne's history, admitting her tears to him (because pearls are for tears), and Gilbert's eagerness to hear it and help her that I loved the most. This is really where your writing skills are so good - characters we think we know so well expanded and enhanced through your kwak lens, while still staying true to the tiny snippets Maud has given us.

So, now the question of sharing dreams together seems to be the perfect way to proceed. I for one can't wait to find out what Mr Blythe might reveal to her.
3/1/2016 c5 Anna
So worth the wait! Fantastic writing, as always. I'm glad that Gil is inquiring about Anne's past and that Anne is opening up to him. I always felt that was missing from canon, especially in the later books when Anne's hard past doesn't REALLY seem to influence her and Gil's actions when faced with certain other neglected children. I look forward to seeing where that leads, but I'm also very happily anticipating a Christmas reunion for our lovers and a description of Gil's dream(s) in the meantime. His birthday "party" with the Fox will surely also be memorable- hopefully in a positive way for Gil's sake. Maybe we'll also get a few spin-off stories :) I imagine that there's no room for bonfires and secluded tree stumps in Kingsport, but surely there are other places where couples can find quiet moments alone. You'll come up with something amazing, I'm sure. Thanks again for giving us this story!
3/1/2016 c5 PelirrojaBiu
Filler or not, this chapter was as warm, soft, fluffy and adorable as Gil's new sweater. Anne and knitting! It really must be love :-D
When I got to the part about Lewis I just about screamed YESSSSSS, she's finally starting to talk about her past! Can't wait to see how it evolves.
I loved how they teased each other about seven freckles and twenty seven whiskers.
I'm so glad Phil and Jo have a baby!
Yes Gilbert, please, describe your dreams to us? Willyou
3/1/2016 c5 5rebeccathehistorian
As I'm reading the title of this chapter, "A Birth and A Death," all I'm thinking is, will the birth be the birth of Anne Cordelia Wright (or Anne's response to Gil being there for the birth of Polly-Jean in the last episode) and the death be a death that Gil witnesses?

Ok, now onto the chapter.

BHAHAHA! You totally caught me off guard! It's Gil's birthday! I completely forgot that his birthday's in October!

I love this letter! The way that Anne thinks Gil is going to be a great doctor, "hereby conclude that each and every part of you is equally magnificent," the mention of the beard-growing competition between Gil and The Fox, the mention of Katherine Brooke, and the fifth paragraph: "dearest-almost-doctor" (which now that I think about is kind of funny because Gil's almost at the halfway point, he's not even almost a doctor yet!), "I wish I had a cure for Mr. Rasmussen, so consider this letter a packet from the Apothecary. But instead of pills I have filled it with twenty-seven kisses."

I like how Anne tries to keep him warm from afar, so she knits him a sweater.

"One never knows just what's around that bend, what dwells in the land of Tomorrow.": I like this sentence.

Yay! Samuel Blake is born! And Phil's fine and happy!

"I understood better than I ever did why you dote on babies that way you do, because you long for your own.": That's poignant. That's really poignant.

"As for regretting your words to Lewis, let's see where this bend in the road leads first. Wherever it goes I'll walk it with you, Anne. I promise.": This made me smile.

"It's a strange sort of miracle - but then miracles often are.": That is such an Anne sentence.

This was a great chapter! I really enjoyed it! I also like how you caught me off guard and the birth and death were completely different than I thought it would be going into the chapter. (I have read Anne of Windy Poplars but I had forgotten about the death of the Little Fellow.)
3/1/2016 c5 Edkchestnut
Well done, Katherine. I really enjoyed this even if it was just filler. I do hope you will reveal something about Gilbert's night out with the Fox, that should be entertaining. I am also glad that you included the part about Teddy and Lewis since it is one of the stories that I remember from AoWP. I am glad that you mentioned Phil and the baby, as well since all we get in the books is her mention of getting so skinny since the boys were born in AHoD. As always, I love any mention of Charlie and his ridiculousness and am very glad to see it here. Good job!
2/29/2016 c5 Bright Promise 2
Thank you! Well worth the wait. I didn't find the chapter strange at all. My fav part was Anne referring to Gil as her family :)
2/20/2016 c4 Guest
With each chapter this story gets hotter and hotter. By the time Christmas arrives they will have been bursting alright! :-D I just can't wait for another letter!
2/17/2016 c1 EclecticMayhem
I'd lurked at for many years before the untimely death of Jonathan Crombie sent me reeling in search of 'Shirbert' goodness. And still I lurked. Your unerring gift of channeling not only LMM but all of her marvelous characters has forced me to delurk (unlurk?) and tell you that I've laughed, cried and very much admired what you're doing. It's an absolute delight to spend more time with these people. Thank you.
2/15/2016 c3 7DianaStorm09
Sigh... What a beautiful chapter, Anne's description of what she came to find in the cave is spellbinding, my husband was asking what had me grinning from ear to ear just now, deeply engrossed in reading Anne's letter, and I had to tell him I'd explain later (by now he should know that only a new chapter from you can do this to me!). Bravo!
2/13/2016 c4 PelirrojaBiu
After reading this chapter for the third time in a row I got an ingenious idea to find out what placenta looks like. To all the non-mums here: do not look the word "afterbirth" up on google images, I repeat, DO NOT LOOK IT UP! I'm traumatised for life. Good to know Gilbert here isn't.

Apart from that unfortunate internet search I really enjoyed that labour description. I loved how Gilbert, the brilliant "pet pupil" and winner of the Cooper award was put in his place by the efficient Mrs Guy. You have such a talent for the "supporting characters" in your stories, a couple of sentences and I already see them flesh and blood in my imagination. Counting the stiches as a method to time the cramps was brilliant, wherever did you get it from?! My favourite part was when Gilbert for the first time was praised not for his education and brains but for his "good and strong" hands. No wonder this experience has such a profound significance for him.

Gilbert is not afraid to share "the real world" with Anne any more, but I wonder if such an account means anything new to her... She probably was forced to assist in childbirths as a young girl...

I love how he calles her his "heart" and "sweet world". His desire for her is palpable. It was a truly beautiful, beautiful letter.
2/13/2016 c4 Edkchestnut
This was very sweet and simple. I love how he shows her glimpses into his training and how he feels that she really understands him. Great job and keep it up!
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