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for Dark Thing, Make a Myth of Yourself

3/23 c23 majose
Such a beautiful story. Thanks
3/15 c23 FinnMac
Everyone's safe and sound. Thanks for sharing your story.
3/15 c22 FinnMac
It's so unfair to Alice.
3/15 c21 FinnMac
How could you give up so easily Edward?
3/15 c20 FinnMac
Somebody needs to drop a house on Rosalie.
3/15 c19 FinnMac
Buying her jewelry is a little cliche, but maybe it helped.
3/15 c18 FinnMac
She likes the sun on her face; she'll love the sunset.
3/15 c17 FinnMac
You can make her stay; you're Edward Cullen!
3/15 c16 FinnMac
3/15 c15 FinnMac
Okay, fine. Now go back and get her there.
3/15 c14 FinnMac
He's losing it.
3/15 c13 FinnMac
How's he going to find out?
3/15 c12 FinnMac
Ambien gave me hallucinations.
3/15 c11 FinnMac
Now I'm depressed.
3/15 c10 FinnMac
A kiss? Now that's progress.
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