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for Talk Sense to a Fool & He Calls You Foolish

10/29/2020 c1 1Crazyduck0000
This was amazing best merlin FanFiction I’ve ever read
6/9/2019 c25 iiAliceii
Devoured this in one sitting even though I should really be studying :)
Absolutely adored the story (and the spin-offs)!

ps. Did they inadvertently create the chamber of secrets with the basilisk in it? that's clever
4/13/2019 c24 gaylelbf
Wonderfully written!
4/12/2019 c16 gaylelbf
Wonderfully written!
4/12/2019 c15 gaylelbf
Dramatic chapter!
2/3/2019 c25 1phantomgirl21
Oh this whole story was wonderful! Amazing concept and really well executed!
9/2/2018 c25 ej-83
Hahaha.. Busted.. I can not stop laughing.. Wish you will update soon..i wanna know who caught them..haha
4/3/2018 c2 gaylelbf
2/5/2018 c25 2lkdaswani
AMAZEBALLS! Also who finds them and calls them revolting?
2/5/2018 c24 lkdaswani
so... wait. Lancelot liked Merlin too?
2/27/2017 c24 2ImpossibleHobbit01
*Raises hand* I have a question; what about Carhaix? Did Merlin find a replacement or is the village without a physician?
2/23/2017 c24 pezzz
I have tears in my eyes. Great story! Great fluffy ending!
2/23/2017 c12 Loopage
"Lianora raised an eyebrow and Merlin flushed at the memory of Gwaine dragging him to one such establishment on his 19th birthday."
I'm wondering how that's possible if Merlin's been looking after the kids for 7 years & he's 24 :'''')
2/23/2017 c23 pezzz
Love the tie-ins! But what if Arthur can't control a broom! what a dollop-head!
2/22/2017 c19 pezzz
really loving this story! I can't believe that you thought it wouldn't be liked!
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