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12/4 c52 gabyzarco9
I really loved this story, I always came back to see if there was a new update and I'm still doing it, I hope you can continue with it, because I love it.
Thanks for your effort
11/28 c52 2Witch 287
just reread this story again and it's still as exciting as the first. love this story and your writing style is amazing. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the future. I wish you all the best.
11/28 c43 Witch 287
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11/21 c52 Fanfictera
I don't know if the ad is from 2022, if so I hope you follow it when you can. It is one of my favorite stories and I would like to know what happens next
11/22 c52 Deblob155
We are patiently waiting. No need to rush, since we can just keep rereading! Though I can’t lie and say I’m not eagerly checking my email.
11/19 c52 Guest
Thanks so much for continuing!
11/18 c52 Guest
Cant wait for the update
11/19 c52 1Maverick96B
Don't feel too bad for the long wait. It's been years since I updated my own story. I had it all played out and outlined, then wrote musket straight into a corner, and haven't updated since!

That's the great thing about that 'follow' button... it doesn't forget!
11/17 c52 Guest
Awesome story
11/17 c8 14LondonReturned
omg this is hilarious! Frank just blew Bella's shit right up lol Bella, you got some explaining to do!
11/14 c16 ahoward3570
Chapter 16 shows she has native humor from the boys lol.
11/10 c31 Jupiter
Man this story is some good stuff
11/11 c52 Haqita Run Sharpe
sweet! yes please! glad to hear you're back.. looking forward for next chap
11/11 c52 2Horses-are-my-life
Yes! New chapter soon please. Really need to see this one to the end!
11/8 c52 Another Reader
Yeyyyyy! It's sad that I can't leave kudos or like, so this comment would need to do it.
Read you soon!
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