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11/15 c51 Alley Bastiaens-Brideau
Love this book so much please update
11/9 c51 Guest
I need to see the end of this please please please update soon
11/1 c1 clexa9223
I love it can't wait for more please
10/13 c17 LooocasErts
Hasn't told the Denali's her last name, yet last chapter Tanya called her Miss Swan. Might've been a few other instances of Swan usage as well. Should probably fix that if you ever read reviews.
10/13 c51 confusinggemini612
Found this story & read it all embarrassingly fast. It's incredible. Can't wait for more.
10/13 c51 wiccangirl66
Welcome back i missed you dearly. Please finish. I never even thought of a bella Tanya story but yours knocks the relationship tag out of the park.
10/12 c51 WesternAssassin
Glad you’re back! Have missed this story! Hoping to see this story through to the end. Getting nervous for Bella. She clearly is getting worse.
10/11 c51 dark wolf of death
Oh no...I don't think it will go into remission Bellsie :( I wonder if Fuckward is going to do something stupid, since we haven't heard from him.
Can't wait for your update! And welcome back!
10/10 c51 Lan'Lin
Thank god u'r ok. I re-read the story so many times just to "refresh the memory". Hope u complete o/
PS: Bella is getting worse even though her tumor shrink
10/10 c51 SarahTaylorTam
Glad to see you back, great chapter.
10/8 c2 Skiddlybop
Two years of chemo and she has hair? Uuhhhh, you might wanna do a little research on the effects of chemotherapy.
10/9 c51 anonimous fish
YOU'RE BAAAAAACK! and my goodness does the end of this chapter filled me with dread! Because clearly Bella is NOT fine ! Now I'm scared of what the next chapter will bring!
We missed you!
10/9 c51 Revin12
Poor Bella, I hope Tanya comes to her aid ️
10/7 c51 Guest
She's really not fine, is she?
I'm so happy to see you're still updating this gem of a story, one that deservers a ending (non-rushed)(crosses fingers).
Please do continue sharing this tale with us readers.
Good chapter, stay safe.
10/9 c51 DeJee
Glad charlie knows but her symptoms are getting worse :(
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