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2/17 c52 tieflin
I missed the poll but I'd love to see the unedited chapters from this. I'd also really love if you post the new version on AO3, as I definitely prefer that site. I'll be reading it either way, though!
2/17 c52 7jh831
Since you are doing a rewrite, please mark this as complete and say in the summary that there is another chapter.
2/15 c53 Son and champion of Ares
Well i can't wait to see it but you shouldn't get rid of the filler chapters. Those were some of the best snd grest for building your narrative for the story!
2/15 c53 firebluebird2006
formatting is messed up.
2/15 c53 Devilsummoner666
Can't wait to see the revision!
2/15 c53 B-Jazzy
That’s awesome! So happy for you, and us haha.

Maybe instead of an endorsement no, the final chapter could just be a blurb about how you had originally wanted it to end, unless that will be a spoiler for the re-write
2/15 c52 2Alkeniw Andilite
Just fyi, this chapter and the last have had their formatting absolutely fucked up. I would double check how you're copying the chapters before uploading.
2/13 c52 Guest
I've read this story 3 times now and as much as I want new chapters, a rewrite does sound really good. One of the difficult things about fanfics are that you usually don't have a outline before starting. A rewrite allows for all of the fun subtlety and foreshadowing of fantastic literature. So yes, I would enjoy a rewrite :)
2/13 c52 angela22zuni
Creo que las dos formas me gusta la historia original y no te puedo decir cuánta veces la e leído pero puede asé otra historia de la original porque siempre pensaré que no a suficiente historia en el que Bella está con Tanya además de que superar a los Cullen porque como la tratan está mal de tanta forma así que estoy aquí para decirte que tú historia su única y que sería feliz con más de ellas Bella swan como personaje principal
2/12 c52 12Phoenix Warehouse Productions
Revise it
2/11 c52 2BabLe7
While this is a bit of a glitchy mess of a note for us, as always I blame FFnet for all visual problems, do what you feel is best. If that means rewriting this go for it. If you like it the way it is, keep going.

Personally, I think you should do the rewrite if this version isn't turning out to be up to your current standards. If you don't enjoy how it is you will eventually lose inspiration and motivation to continue it. I will read whichever version you go with. If you are doing the rewrite though, drop us a note on this one so we know when you post it and we'll see you there
2/11 c52 Xour Luci
I’ve read this story like ages ago but it always lingered in my mind as one of the best. I dont mind if you continue or revise or make a whole new one. I just think you should do whatever you want with it. Just please… dont leave us hanging this long again.
2/11 c52 AllieIsReading
I would be happy either way. As long as you finish because im desperate to see how it ends
2/11 c52 Spider744cra
Please please keep updating it on here I love this book and have read it many times your amazing writer
2/11 c52
I'm good either way as long as one of the versions is finished :) love you work!
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