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1/20/2021 c8 Robin.D
Wow her Dad wasn't happy about that at all :-! Good chapter :-):,-):,-):,-)
1/20/2021 c7 Robin.D
I Like Big Butts LoL }:‑)}:‑) that was a good chapter :,-):,-):,-):,-)
1/20/2021 c6 Robin.D
Oh I like Max }:‑) so who does Tanya have with her (*_*). Good chapter :,-):,-):,-):,-)
1/20/2021 c5 Robin.D
Love the old man he is funny :‑X good chapter :-):,-):,-):,-)
1/20/2021 c50 9popularcypher
Please continue with this wonderful story! :)
1/20/2021 c4 Robin.D
I was wondering if that old man was going to show up again }:‑). Good chapter :,-):,-):,-):,-)
1/19/2021 c3 Robin.D
I hope something good happens for Bella soon :-) good chapter :,-):,-):,-)
1/19/2021 c2 Robin.D
Wow good chapter :,-):,-)
1/19/2021 c1 Robin.D
Good chapter :-)
1/17/2021 c14 2AylaMoon
Fuck Netflix and chill. I wanna Mario kart and steal your heart
12/31/2020 c33 JenDamn
Is there a reason Bella doesn't simply tell Rosalie to let her go? Bella letting them get away with all this shit is really not fair to the Denali. I also feel bad that the universe decided to give Tanya such a crappy mate, the way she treats her is totally not right and is humiliating.
12/18/2020 c50 Peggy
Just read the whole story! Please update! It’s amazing!
12/15/2020 c50 2Gillz20
This is an amazing story. I didn't comment until this chapter, because I wanted to read all the chapters before I do. When will you update?
12/8/2020 c50 Imadeawishonastar
Update plz
12/5/2020 c50 Guest
Plz update soon
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