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for The Sculptor and the Princess

9/17/2020 c1 ZoeTheDragongirl
8/22/2020 c1 BazilFay
lol, I like this one :)
4/25/2020 c1 violet lilaccs
This gives me MHA vibes. Like, Adrien: Are you Ladybug's secret love child or something?
2/16/2020 c1 Mikoaya
That was awesome :)
7/15/2019 c1 6Spideyfangirl123
*face palm*
11/24/2018 c1 Face Yourself
I so wish that had a "more like this" button - and the sorting to back it up of course.
4/22/2018 c1 Rara
Apparently Adrien has never heard that the simplest answer is usually the right one. hehehehe! great story!
11/20/2017 c1 15WardofWinters
Haha that was amazing I loved it
8/25/2017 c1 traced31
Hahahah the blindness is soo high! I love it hahaa
8/24/2017 c1 5Kmbrun
Great story! I can almost see it happening in reverse: where Adrien forgets he's not transformed but acting like he is anyway. it'll make a good story for sure *casually hint hinting*
8/9/2017 c1 500yellow 14
Plagg has a point;D Very amusing, keep writing
6/23/2017 c1 2Silvanon of the Orchard
Fun story! Although I can totally see this blowing up in their faces when they get in a sticky situation and "only Marinette can save them."
6/2/2017 c1 Miraculous Trouble
Don't worry, Plagg, I feel your pain.
3/22/2017 c1 Guest
3/15/2017 c1 1spinnerofdark
: )
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