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2/24/2016 c1 Promakhos
This was awesome! Really, really awesome! Sequal-worthy awesome!
Takasugi is one of my favourite characters. At first, I didn't like him much. I thought he was a stupid angsty bastard like Sasuke. He IS still an angsty bastard in my eyes but now ,after watching 40th episode, i love him. I ship him with Gintoki so hard. :)
That arc was an eye opener. It felt like i was seeing every character first time.
Weirdly, after their fight i started to ship Okita and Kamui too (Of course OkiKagu is still better, but...).
Your story has make-you-cry-so-hard-over-stupid-but-lovely-bastards-whyeverythingissosad? quality that i love in Gintama. Please continue writing such good fics.
2/10/2016 c1 Liz
Awesome, simply awesome! I absolutely love how you've put yourself in Takasugi's position here and very realistically so. Also I really love Gintoki x Takasugi
So happy that more people seem to pick up on this pairing. :3 thanks!
1/30/2016 c1 7miraculousidiot
oh m this is sooooo beautiful even i cant believe i cry for this :")
you're bloody awesome for writing it perfectly like i can feel gintaka's strong emotions here. i'm really speechless, tbh. it's too brilliant.

thanks for writing this, you totally make my day, and this fic at least decreases my hunger for gintaka.

Have a nice day!

p.s mind to write another gintaka? Ehehehe

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