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for Butterflies with Broken Wings

10/30 c12 2NaNaChan95
Well that last half was intense. I hope it doesn't affect their friendship. In any case this is definitely on my list of favorite Sonic fanfics. I hope to see it finished. The characterizations of everyone in the story seem very accurate and I love the way they flow and interact. I can't wait to see it finished. Though judging by the update date it'll be awhile.
10/30 c10 NaNaChan95
"The Microwave is here if you want to see it." I cannot tell you how much this red hedgehog makes me laugh. So innocent and simple even in the midst of all that heat. This characterization of him is one of the best I've seen in a long time and I love you for it Thunder Croft.
10/30 c7 NaNaChan95
:) Kills me. I love how simple and yet sweet their interactions are.
5/16 c12 OZX
Okay sis just a quick comment to make before I ramble abt everything else amazing abt this lovely fic: I deadass binge-read all 69k words of this whole-ass story in two days,

I mean I’m pretty new to this fandom and whatnot, so my knowledge abt a lot of stuff is pretty limited, but I’ve got an okay grasp on most canon stuff I think but ANYWAY

You’ve probably gotten like a million comments on what I’m abt to say but oh my God your sense of character dynamic? Is so? Good? I love how you portray all of the characters and they’re all so interesting in their own little ways, but MAN, I am in LOVE w how you’ve written Sonic’s and Rouge’s characters, bc tbh, you make them seem so much more realistic and “human” (albeit hedgehog/ bat lol) and I just CAN’T get over it. Maybe it’s just I’ve been getting the vibe that their characters are underestimated canonly somewhat? I dunno how to describe it? The dialogue has me Thriving, like you don’t even know (from the unique way you write everyone’s voices and what they would habitually say), and the development between Shadow and Silver, and everyone’s relationships w e/o especially w how you portray that close bond between everyone in Team Dark/ Team Sonic AND just... Team Dark’s and Team Sonic’s relationships and dynamic together? I just, I have loved everything w how you write the characters in general. I know it looks like I’m pretty late commenting on this chapter, but I’m still so happy that I had the fortune to accidentally stumble across this fic.

Like,, do you know how many TIMES I was like “Silver, you stupid bitch,” bc you know what? That’s just amazing characterization of him. And the way how you keep the story in his relative perspective is just incredible, because you elaborate on his thinking and actions so well! I’m sorry it sounds WAY too much like I’m being a Total Suck-Up, but I’m just sobbing w how well you’ve written just abt everything so far. Like, the internal conflicts too between both Shadow and Silver (but also the detail that Shadow’s internal conflict is pretty cryptic to Silver bc well duh this is written in his perspective), and just! Man! I’m just so happy reading this fic, but also sad bc I read everything way too quickly

I know you’re probably busy, but I just wanted to let you know that you’ve got one more reader who’s in love w this story so far!
2/3 c12 4cheru
Oh my gosh. It’s been a while since I wrote a review on this but let it be known that I’m ALWAYS checking for updates. And it makes my entire day when it happens.

The way you write Shadow and Silver’s dialogue is so sweet, they just go together so perfectly I can barely handle it! Your writing style is wonderful, it’s clear and descriptive without being flowery and difficult to read. And I’ve always loved how Silver’s voice comes across so strongly, his awkwardness and passion and naivety.

I LOVE the entire dynamic with Rouge as well. Really you just characterize everyone so well! I didn’t want their little morning-after to end, I could relate to the feeling of just wanting to stay in bed with someone you love forever, lol.

But poor Blaze! My stomach dropped when I read her words. I really hope she gets some love and happiness. And Silver’s pain of loving someone but not in the way that they want you to... it’s too real! Sonic comforting Blaze was really touching too.

Thank you so much for updating and great work. This has been my favorite fic for several years now, I love each new chapter!
1/23 c12 Guest
Oh geez, big ouch didn’t want that to happen to Blaze even though it was gonna eventually.. Also I’m estatic to see this update day before my birthday, made it extra special!

Very good job with the morning after interactions! They were very enjoyable gah
1/19 c12 Vegetass
1/19 c12 3tsuki-shining
I always love how you have a good balance of these feel-good scenes and then the more serious and even angsty ones where they are intertwined together in meaningful ways. Shadow and Silver have officially acknowledged their feelings for each other and its almost this like perfect fairytale atmosphere, but then we are brought back from it with the consequence of how hurt Blaze is. I've said this before but it makes the characters and story you're writing seem more realistic, fun, and fleshed out and it really keeps the engagement in the story! I get excited every time you update I literally stop what I'm doing! Its been a while but the quality of your writing doesn't falter, I can really tell that you love writing this! Keep it up and I hope to see more!
11/12/2018 c11 Guest
Ah I’m so happy to see this got updated! Looking forward to seeing more in the future, really glad you’re making time for it despite being busy
9/11/2018 c11 22Failsona
I saw the words "They looked at each other." and I automatically broke into song "AND WE EACH SAID! OK! And we played the first thing that came to our heads just so happened to beeee the best song in the world it was the best song in the worrrrllld!" God! Tribute by Tinatious D was my spirits song growing up!

Anyway, this chapter makes me want to go the play Sonic 06 now!

Really glad this fic is back can't wait for the next update!
9/9/2018 c11 2ayslio
Eeee oh my gosh you updated! And I've waited months for this next update, ever being so patient and I had to look back in the previous because I had forgotten much of what had happened whilst waiting and traveling back to another old fandom that I left two years ago. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ. Plus, the fact I am alive and still reading this.

You are also very much welcome! I'm glad it inspired you and that my review helped you push for these next two chapters (counting this one maybe?). Note that I don't review too much so reviews may come sparingly depending on UWU. But I'll do one for old timely sake.

This is already a wonderful chapter, hence noting it was a filler. It fishes back on Silver's beginning reciprocating feelings toward Shadow, worlds on the brink of destruction and wreaking havoc on all timelines (following the '06 timeline [honestly, I've always been a bit confused over the timelines '06 presented]), and the characters are presented just as lovely as I have seen them from previous chapters. Silver's determination to fix the future, and Shadow, ever being so mysterious as he shows up from time to time. I wonder what his intentions are except to show Silver the full truth?

Keep up the amazing work! I'll be waiting for your next update! Cheers from your fellow reader! :D
7/27/2018 c10 4WeirdlyMemed
Ah- Yes- beautiful~ I just wish to know if another chapter was going to be released soon~?
6/7/2018 c10 Guest
This is the second time I’ve read through your fic since you last updated (not because I’m impatient I just love this fic a lot) and it’s still so good! This time though i was terribly embarrassed at how much I missed Blaze’s pining because damn I’m near Silver’s level of cluelessness. Took me waaaay longer than it should have the first time round lol also wanted to thank you again for writing this fic it’s very well written and has been very inspiring for my own personal projects and even has me itching to do some fanfics again. I’m excited to see where the next chapters starts up, I’m already making up predictions and crap, and I’m really pumped to see if I guess anything right
4/15/2018 c10 Guest
I’m really glad I stumbled upon this after looking back to one of my old ships. You’re writing really warms my heart and I’m absolutely hangry for the rest of the story! I really love how these two dorks interact with each other and I love Shadow’s characterization, I don’t think I’ve seen him so well balanced in fics for a long time. Anyway I’m glad I took the time to read this, ended up staying awake most of the night to finish it and I’m glad I did, it definitely made my evening!
2/25/2018 c10 asynt
Ahh, I'm absolutely in love with the narrative style, premise, and build up of this one—definitely one of my favorite reads. Is this the ending? It's perfect as it is, but the Mephiles part makes me wonder if there will be more.
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