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9/11 c128 1Ignis Aurum Probat
Wow I’ve been putting off reading this epilogue since I needed to be mentally prepared for this fantastic story to conclude. This is without exaggeration one of the greatest pieces of literature I have ever read. I initially started this story cause the ship looked interesting haven’t seen too much SaberRin and I was just blown away by the quality of writing. Every chapter, every scene was riveting. The characters fully fleshed, real and the development of not only our leads but the supporting cast as well was phenomenal. I’m truly living in the best timeline to have been able to read this masterpiece. I could go on about the various arcs and my thoughts on them but the main thing is I want to thank you for the amazing story. I’m so happy Rin and Arturia got the happy ending they deserve (apparently after some additional adventures that I am super looking forward to!) and the proposal had me squealing, super romantic. I adore this story and I feel like I’m a better person having read it. Keep doing what you’re doing and thank you for the memories! I’ll never forget how this story made me feel
9/10 c128 phirethorn8
That last bit in the abbey was beautiful; a perfect ending. The whole story was in its entirety was a pleasure to read. Very well done.
8/31 c128 Nick
I am really proud to say for sure that I finished this wonderful fanfic. There's been a lot of ups and downs here and I'm really going to read it again in the future. Anyway, congratulations on the completion, author-kun. That in the future there will be more and more fanfics with the success that this one had
8/31 c128 14Xap1999
Hey there,

When I saw the word "epilogue" I said NOOO!

and then I saw the word "sequel" and I said YESSS!

Haha seriously, thank you so much for providing this. It has given me hours and hours of lovely reading time. I has thrilled and shocked me. It's been a great ride - excellent job Matt!

Now... the sequel... I'm gonna start biting my pillow in anticipation... ;-)
8/30 c128 milkdud8888
These updates oncish a week were definitely awesome to look forward, gonna miss it! Great job!
8/30 c128 6AxeMan18
I’m not going to lie, I seriously freaked out when I saw the word Epilogue and it didn’t get any better as I read the chapter. I seriously thought that I had somehow missed a couple chapters lol. I had the pleasure of reading the original and I can’t wait to read the sequel and in the meantime I will eagerly reread this a dozen times over.
8/30 c128 1Mastermind4892
My heart shuddered when I read the chapter title. I didn't want it to end. This tale has gone on for so long, and yet it feels as though it has ended too soon. And that is why there is still more to be told.

This has been a fantastic two-and-a-half years, my friend, and you have put it to marvelous use. You took the original version and transformed it with a heightened understanding for writing, drama, expanded content of the Fate lore, and far deeper characterization. You have made Fate Stay: Heirs into a story truly worthy of your two favorite characters of anime. You are a most brilliant author! What heartfelt moments you have weaved! Both the wonderful passions of the heart and the rapturous 'pleasures' our beautiful characters find in bed. Well done!

And once again, there is clearly more to be told. This first story was of Rin and Arturia finding each other again and again. A soul-deep bond of love that will only grow with every day of the long lives that await you. You have endured trials that would have broken lesser people, and in some cases, you were indeed broken. Challenges that threatened to tear asunder the world itself, and yet... you have made it. So enjoy every fruit of your success, revel in the pleasures of each other's beautiful body, and embrace the joy from your souls. Take everlasting heart that these hard tests have truly proved what your love can survive. Whether it be Angra Maiyu's corruption or the separation across millennia... if insurmountable things such as these can be overcome to be together, I daresay that nothing else in the future can truly pull you apart.

And now, a new story begins just as their new life has. They have found their purpose; their place is together. So what awaits them next? Adventures at the Clock Tower, mage politics with Waver and company, mysteries to uncover, an old sisterhood with Faye to be explored, great battles of legend to be waged... and love between soulmates to revel in. Who knows what will come next?

Still, there is one constructive critique I must add. I've never been much of a fan of the Grand Order aspect of Fate Stay. They just do not have the same heart, ecstatic beauty or glorious action as the three main Fate series, as well as Fate Zero and Apocrypha. Even the more tame Case Files of Lord El-Melloi felt more like Fate Stay than Grand Order to me. The Babylon series came closer, but was mainly due to the characters of Gilgamesh and Ishtar/Rin. The Grand Order plotlines are just not very compelling, and the two main protagonists, Mash and Fujimora, always feel like bland cardboard cutouts. Fujimora always seems to roll a Nat 20 on Persuade with every legendary Heroic Spirit he meets despite having no charisma or any other defining character qualities.

There are a myriad of reasons I hope the sequel's Grail War will have more to do with Apocrypha, and/or at least a more carefully done version of Grand Order. This is an alternate Fate timeline now, after all.

Either way, I wish you the best in all future stories, both professional and Fanfiction! So, I will keep an eye out for whatever professional works you create, and I know from first-hand experience that you will make delightful wonders of the imagination. Just as well, I hope there will be more of your passionate Fanfiction works to see in the future, as you create beautiful stories for characters we all love and cherish! And I will be there to read and enjoy, and to offer my support and perhaps even a few suggestions along the way. Anything to help.

Until that time comes, I shall remain in delighted anticipation. And so with that said... per audacia ad astra, Eh Mattissimo, my friend. Thus boldly to the stars!

~ Mastermind
8/30 c128 Grandfather Nurgle
I've been a long time reader and loved both versions of this story. I am excited to hear a sequel is coming eventually
8/30 c128 Saif Omar
Man, this was one hell of a journey. Even if I only started reading it from chapter 85-ish. More specifically when Sakura and Rin were having their final showdown and a couple chapters before Dark!Sakura killed Saber!Alter. If you don't mind answering my question then could you tell me whether Faye enters into a relationship with Rin and Artoria in the future.
8/30 c128 GhostNova1
so i assume from the conversation with faye. their is still tension between the sisters kind of gives the ending a bittersweet taste
8/30 c128 Radmar
Today is my birthday. Just so you know. What a coincidence. Of all the days to end the story, it just had to be today. I am probably supposed to be happy, but… Let's keep the angst for later.

“I want you to heed the call of the last Master.”

Hang on. Is that a reference to Fate: Grand Order? I am trying to imagine Rin instead of a playable character, and miserably failing. It would be interesting, though. (And if that's a hint of Artoria/Ishtar, yes please!)

Now that I think about it, there is a lot of potential with this thought. Grand Order is a long game, and there is much such a story could cover. It may be worth inventing an original singularity, placed in early medieval Britain .

About the proposal scene, I am not sure whether I should weep some more, or laugh like a madman. Back when I cryptically said that I hoped for a certain scene from an original version to appear again, this is what I meant. I didn't want to spoil things for other reviewers.

What a strong ending to a great story. I would like to offer more than sad words and add something more constructive, but my memory isn't exactly good. I can hardly review a story, when I only remember bits and pieces and the rest is a fog. I do intend to reread this all, but it will take a while, if it happens at all.

Has it really been two years and eight months already? It's hard to believe. I could've sworn it was far less than that. I still remember getting that weird email. The finished story that I've been liking for some years getting updated all of a sudden, and it being a rewrite, that I don't see very often. But I persevered, I reviewed semi-regularly, and it has been quite an emotional roller coaster. It has been a wild two years, for more reasons than one, but now, the story is over. The show must go on.

Dog, I will miss this. I will miss the excitement of awaiting new chapters. And I will miss all these PMs. I treasure every single one.

As someone once said, we all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will. And I know that this work of art will stay with me forever. And when I will inevitably get in touch with other authors, I already know that I will never find somebody this kind, considerate, understanding, forgiving and polite as EhMatissimo is. Thank you, EhMatissimo. For listening, kinds words of encouragement, for finishing the story (congratulations!), and PMs. For everything.

This is Radmar, signing out.
8/29 c128 GooBall
There it is, an ending... certainly would not have minded more! :D
So.. yay more in the future. You never stop teasing do you?

Enjoyed this quite a bit, found a pairing I certainly did not expect to like so much. Now all other Arturia pairings no longer make sense. :D

If your book intrigues me storywise, I will certainly get it, and read it.

In the meantime, guess I will reread Fate Stay Night: Heirs I guess... :D
8/29 c128 HeyThereImNobody
Is there a way to read the original story for the people who didn’t get to read it when it first posted?
8/29 c128 1GreenEyesOrigamiDragon
What a wild ride. I’ll probably be looking back to this quite a bit in the future.
Thanks for writing this wonderful story, Eh Mattissimo.
8/29 c128 milkdud8888
I was like… Wait what? Until you said sequel haha. Loved the ride and will definitely check out the sequel! I need to know more about what happened with Morgan, that was a great arc.
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