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8/5/2023 c3 Dragonblaze66
Interesting story but please update more often.
2/1/2016 c2 ctran03931
It's a big mistake for Shining, Celestia and the Mane 5 with what they've done to Twilight and Aurora and right now, their trust, love and friendship with the Elle Sisters and Cadence, and possibly Luna, would never recover until the two lost souls return from Lemaria after they escape or complete a mission they're probably brought to the Afterlife to solve as a result of the Mane 5, Shining and Celestia's betrayal.

I would love to see more of the story to see how those traitorous ponies are gonna cope during Twilight & Aurora's escape-soon-to-be-mission in Lemaria with how to repair their relationships, love and friendships with the ones they've wronged and those who caught wind of their actions & became ashamed and furious at them for putting everyone's lives on the line for Shining's petty wedding and how the two unicorns will fare during their misadventure in the Afterlife during their escape.

It's one of those "what if" scenario stories I would love seeing more of if the betrayal of the Mane 6, Celestia and Shining Armor was too great to Twilight to forgive them for and forget about and would take a huge amount of time for the healing process to take shape.

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