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11/21 c13 MoinLeute
harry is some 400 ish years old, not 20, what did he do all the time? searching Revan is bullshit.
11/21 c12 MoinLeute
didnt he said they were done? why is he now playing spy again?...
11/21 c9 MoinLeute
honestly, harry is kind of pathetic, he has all the cards but acts almost submissiv at times.
11/20 c3 MoinLeute
dont tell me the force is already messing with harry...
11/20 c2 MoinLeute
Thantos... sounds absolutely wrong when the greeks have Thanatos
11/1 c4 asdasd
Harry's dialogue is wrong somehow. I can't pinpoint it, but it makes me want to cringe
10/22 c23 Ophis-The-Infinite-Dragon-God
Pity this has entered hiatus for so long, it's really quite an amazing novel you have wrote here; certainly the best one I've read that includes Revan and the only one I've actually seen that even mentions Zakuul.
10/20 c8 Halfrican18
ahh, we rarely get to see Talon in fanfic's an you just casually kill her... good story though
10/3 c23 6Mando-Vet
I've really enjoyed this story, but I understand being burnt out by your own writing. Looking forward to the last chapter when you release it.
10/2 c2 Mando-Vet
The Old Republic! Whoo!
9/27 c15 1Delta-Theta
This seems familiar... *goes looking* I knew it, it's one of the cinematic scenes from SW:TOR when it first came out... either way great story so far, I just hope it gets finished..
9/26 c5 harry uzumaki
What happened to Mission’s brother?
9/11 c23 Spazzman29
This story must only have a maximum of around 5 chapters left and thats being generous. It's a shame that I doubt it will be finished since its been over a year since the last update.

Harry soon forgot about his former apprentice though, you did the same thing with Daphne in Blood Stained. You build up a side character for ages just to forget about them in the end.
8/28 c23 Fallen Gluttonous Angel
Really good sw ff hope you get new ideas and motivation for this ff. I would really like to read more og it
8/16 c4 Devilking1994
Wait so Harry didn't even get the details from these people about the mission until now?!
For god sake man that doesn't make any sense I had thought that it had simply happened off screen or something why would Harry agree to join them for a mission with no details and no payment?
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