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1h c23 1Priest
It's good to see you are still writing and it sad what is going on in the real world with the star wars universe but you could just pull a Disney and say nothing after return counts. Any way I look forward to what ever you plan on in the future.
3h c23 3Lawrence H. Bain
Well... if that's the case don't bother and just walk away.

BTW fully understand your reasoning but would rather you just abandon it than touch it with your passion less fingers.

As far I'm concerned it's already been abandoned.
5h c23 Maheshvara10
Awesome chapter
14h c23 EP
14h c23 2acetwolf94
15h c23 comodo50
Whatever comes next, it'll be appreciated, author, in my case.

Thx for the chapter, liked to see Harry finally venting all that emotion, and Revan still comes up more wise, wise-man kinda thing.

Anyway, hope to see more eventually.
16h c23 5SFD
Glad to see you back, mate.
16h c23 1gandalf da black
Hey so just a thought but you could easily tie this story off with a satisfying end and if in the future you decide you want to continue it you could do that. You should also not feel bad for being slow to update, if you feel burnt out then take some time off away from it. Your not getting paid so This should be fun for you not work. I wish you well.
17h c23 3WhiteElfElder
Just as a thought, when stories I write start to become too much on the drama I take a break and right a bunch of stories to make fun of those very things. For instance...with someone Like the Emperor I would right a segment (at least for myself) that has his force ghost mother show up and take away his Death Star plushie because he is being naughty and the resulting 2 year-old tantrum he throws. For Yoda, I would have him be all serious and wise, then turn around and have him begging the cafeteria lady for more non-green jello because he gets enough green from looking in the mirror.

I like the story and am enjoying your dedication to try and finish it.
18h c23 19crocket
cant blame you disney screwed it up lightsabers that not cut a bloody noob kicking ass with one, to be honest i cant see how if they win palpatine would survive
20h c23 myafroatemydog
The Star Wars fandom and infighting has gotten kinda annoying. Pretty good chapter
22h c23 Guest
Star Wars has been destroyed because Disney was taken over by matriarchists that think mens only reason to exist is to r*pe females and that they have the profound right to destroy them at will. truly disgusting embarrassments of humanity
22h c23 Guest
This is all around disappointing. Harry is a wimp with no interesting personality traits. All he ever does in this fanfic is lose and cry like a bitch. It is just so profoundly dissatisfying to read this bullshit
9/26 c23 Marcus Kyle
You're not the only one that was somehow disgusted with " The force is female" and all of that BS, and I'll even don't talk about Rey and her shenanigans.
Do it on your own pace and time. The story is interesting but not worth for you to strong arm push to a finish you'll never like nor want.

Thanks for sharing
9/26 c23 JraittM
It’s too bad that this story has become a chore for but thank you for writing as much as you did. Perhaps one day you might come back and it will be fun to write again. Thanks for the great story.
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