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11/23 c1 disappointing
i get it. he doesn't care anymore. but not teaching and just fixing the 'problem' means that they will re live this again and create more harry like people. so he is just as bad or even worse than his family and others.

also...suicide is the cowards way out. why not go out trying to do something.

harry is a pussy little bitch.
10/5 c23 JPax
I hope you eventually get back into this story.
8/29 c4 What a cunt
Bastila is a cunt. I don't care if she becomes nicer in the story or something. Please kill the little shit off. Painfully.
8/8 c9 HellsMaji
Don't like the way Harry is acting with satele. Almost submissive, in a way. Of course, I guess it makes sense. He pretty much acted like bastila's pet after revan left.
8/7 c3 HellsMaji
Weird that Harry acted like such a pussy in his dream. Especially since he knew it was a dream.
8/6 c23 MattBlack
I hope that closing is still coming? Lol
8/5 c13 MattBlack
Got this sneaking suspicion that the emperor is Darth Revan... Would explain his disappearance lol.
7/18 c23 Bluesnowman
Awesome story.
7/10 c23 Callum Runchman
Shame this was left the way it has been, there was a lot of potential if you could stick it out. I mean all the source material was there available you just needed to get creative with Harry's inclusion.
If you ever do return I hope you'd at least finish the eternal empire/alliance arc even if you don't reach the prequels/skywalker arc.
6/27 c23 2Pinkypi
Mood, It's why I just ignore any and all things social media related to Harry Potter. I just don't want anything to ruin the magic for me. Who knows maybe someday you'll go mm time to finish this shizniz. If not? Can't really blame you. My only real burning question would be if Satele would end up like Harry in the whole can't really die thing due to the force bond. Or if Harry is just going to have to end up being content with watching over descendents or force bond with others throughout time.
6/27 c16 Pinkypi
Aaah. You know... I did a D6 compaign that also did this exact thing with a star forge. We had 5 planets under our belt using diplomatic means and were looking like a breath of fresh air to our peoples even though on the surface we supported the empire we were running ships capable of winning against enemy fleets. Like we took out a couple of smaller ones meant to reinforce Hoth boosting the amount of people fom the rebellion who survived. We also pawned off anything we could that'd help them do better. But ultimately we were building our own kingdom of sorts so we kept the best goodies to ourselves. Unfortunately we didn't have access to a super dreadnaught so we had to rely tactics at times in order to win as well as having superior ships of the same class.
6/27 c13 Pinkypi
This is pretty cool. One of the best things is that while Harry is talented in a general sense. He's not up to the level of legends like Revan are in that department for sheer talent. Which is nice because if he was then after 300 years? He'd be untouchable. As it is it feels like he'd spend the next several thousand years constantly polishing his skills and gaining more and more combat experience before he reaches such insane levels. It's a great balance considering he's fucking immortal.

Honestly I'm hoping the force bond will bleed over Harry's gift so that his waifu he hasn't fully accepted as his waifu can stand the test of time with him.
6/27 c4 Pinkypi
I mean if he is actually trying to find a purpose due to the promise and knows being put down is damn near impossible since he gets right back up. Then he could easily just go eh, I can always try killing myself again later if this doesn't work out.
6/13 c6 1seaweedbrainwisegirl07
Do all of you authors forget that there is a branch of magic called 'Tranfiguration'? It would be a much better choice in a fight against lightsaber weilders.
6/5 c5 pincho
Honestly not impressed with this story other than you sticking with it...well obviously not to the end but damned close.
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