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5/23 c18 The Queen of All Demons
Fuxking hate voldy but they did a good job of making people hate Umbridge more. Jeezus. Great characterization!
5/23 c17 The Queen of All Demons
Forgot tl review once again. I have read this fic twice already and the tragedy of Cedric is still heartbreaking. Also, her depression is too real. Amazing job. Also, dayum - i had not read this chapter last time lol
5/6 c18 Charlie Jojo
I like the take of grief done here
Not man SI really delve into the I died and lost everything angle

The trick ending where digger lives as proof she can do nothing and live in the background before being crushed presumably because the 11 year old couldn't set things up to stop the magic Nazis reviving magic Hitler by murdering a 15 year old and 13 year old boys is a nice touch

The relationship with their new parents would be weird though the death eater death seems weird to happen

Sad to see no potential repair of that mother/daughter relationship but ah well
Why would they go after her? She like had 2 interactions with purebloods both time being malfoys maybe I misread some things

Interested in how she develops further
5/2 c18 zevrine
Sorry about the pm and whatnot I hope this message finds you well, the pacing is nice, I mean it all gearing to the climax relax I enjoy your work happy new month and thanks for the update .
4/24 c13 1TyrTheTaur
You’ve made yourself a life long enemy. The streets are no longer safe for you
4/17 c18 Thewonderfuleri
i actually LOVE the slow pace and dark atmosphere. i feel like it makes thigns realistic in my opinion. youve got amazing writing!

alsothis is on ao3? would you mind giving me your user so i can switch to reading this on there?
4/15 c1 DecayedAsh
4/14 c2 5Heliel42
Too depressing, im going
4/13 c18 8Littlecosma001
I totally get what you mean about people being mean here, I'e slowly been moving over to AO3 myself great new chapter, I can't wait to see what happens next! I hope Victoria gets the chance to talk to more ghosts :D
4/12 c18 Athla
One day someone will put the quill down and beat the toad bloody.
And I will laugh.
Thanks for sharing. The trolls will troll because they have no talent, i'd put money that your critics have not written a single thing of note themselves.
The talentless will always try to attach themselves to others work.
4/12 c16 1srooone
what a great story!
Can we have a chapter on everyone else's reactions to seeing her boggart?
4/12 c18 aphii
I know you said this would likely be the last time you update on ffn, and I understand, I know the community can be on the toxic side, but I do hope you continue to post here if you're able. For what it's worth, I appreciate this story and the time you've put into it.
4/12 c18 6Lunaterre224
Once again, I’m really glad that you updated this. The depressive tone makes this fic stand out (in a good way!) and Victoria’s struggles are pretty realistic, so you should really ignore what other people are saying.
I’m so interested in where you are planning to take this story, no matter where you post it. Thank you for writing a fic that stays with me, even if I hadn’t read it in a while.
4/8 c17 8Littlecosma001
I enjoyed rereading this story along with the new chapter :) I'll be waiting patiently for the next installment !
4/6 c17 2notsofrilly
I'll be honest, ive been looking for your story. I remember enjoying it so i wanted to reread but had a hard time finding it. All i remembered was depressed oc joins Hogawarts during GOF, makes friends with Cedric and hates Harry for not saving him. And then something about her teaching Sirius to cook sauces.

I'm so glad you updated because I was able to come back to something ive been searching for a long time.
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