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for Twin Kitsune Syndrome

11/24/2020 c25 LockedBehindAGate
Please make more I want to see how their adventure goes on
11/23/2020 c12 LockedBehindAGate
the power of an 8yo with your account open is that of legend
5/25/2020 c25 lovemoneygreen0613
Please continue with it to arch 2 because I don’t want to see a good story die
3/14/2020 c25 4DRMAK
Loved it. Hop to see the next part soon. If i can be so bold for the paring i would suggest paring them off with each other. Yuri sibling love!
9/24/2019 c1 Guest
8/15/2019 c25 Admirer
One... arc? Oh damn... if that implies what I think it does...

I tip my hat to you. A truly thoroughly enjoyable read.
8/15/2019 c24 Admirer
“Oh no, looks like a miffed teen-sized biju duo might could woop all of our asses. Who in their right mind would have seen that coming?”

A rare (and I do mean that in an exceptional sense) case where civilian naivety is put squarely into perspective.

“You are out of your league ningen.”
8/15/2019 c23 Note
Quick question: why doesn’t the sense of violation permeate konoha? Do the broadcast emotions need to be encompassing or something?
8/15/2019 c12 Admirer
While typically it gives pause, the wholehearted reverence for ramen is incredibly endearing. I’ve yet to resist chuckling, squealing or downright melting at their cherished exchanges.

Anyone have a tissue?
8/15/2019 c11 Admirer
It’s changed a bit. Lost a bit of lengthy, but wholesome as I’ve every seen.

An impressively sweet telling, and a lighthearted portrayal quite rare here.

Keep with how you feel comfortable. This story has developed nicely.
6/16/2019 c25 Vinyl Scratch Music Beast
When do you plan to update?
6/15/2019 c25 fluttershywinde
Wish this had another arc
3/19/2019 c25 Rockman1159
This story was great and I would love to see more of it.

Please continue this.
3/14/2019 c25 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
12/14/2018 c25 xerad
i like it im pretty happy knowing they think they fuck up in at leats 3 different dimensions XD.

my head canon is that they, appear in the middle of the kyuubi attack breaking the genjutsu leading kushina surviving the whole thing this time, while they go to live in the forest until they save hinata from gettng kidnaped.

Then spend some days together before she leave all leading to more fluff and friendship while they growup together ending up with them becoming ninken of hinata after they trump the invasion by going full kyuubiX3.

PD: end up with some awkward and scary chat with kushina about collecting her dauthers to have an harem XD (now i wanna see kushina going full mama bear on hinata )
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