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8/9/2021 c6 Guest
Please please please update!
6/12/2021 c6 Guest
I saw that you updated your other two stories please update this one too!
10/30/2020 c6 Guest
This is my all time fave rucas story I wish you would finish it!
3/7/2019 c6 Guest
This story line is so good I hope you have plans to finish it!
1/3/2019 c6 Guest
Pls update this re-write was getting so good! This is my all time favorite Rucas story
11/21/2018 c6 Guest
This is one of my favorite Rucas stories! I hope you finish it one day
7/19/2018 c6 14tristanscipio1
please update more i want to see how it continues i love this fic
1/4/2018 c6 Kayla
Very proud of Riley and Lucas. Riley was completely honest with Lucas about why she had freaked out and what she said about how when he was talking about moving back and everything, she immediately thought of time being split between the two of them really struck a chord with me. Of course she wants him to be able to get to know Lily and for him to be a part of her life but for three years its been just the two of them. Coming from someone who just had one parent for the first three years, I think its natural for Riley to feel that way, no matter how selfish she thinks it is. I mean, I felt/feel that way and I’m the kid in my situation. I could only imagine how the mother would feel in that situation. And Lucas reigned himself back a really good amount and though I wouldn’t be surprised if his enthusiasm to perhaps speed the process a long a bit gets him in trouble in the future, I’m glad he’s being a little more rational now.

Again, your Corpanga interactions and how they are individually are spot on! Lily and Lucas meeting made me and my cold heart tear up a bit, not gonna lie, especially when she held his face and told him not to be sad! And the hug, can’t forget that hug. But poor Riley, you can tell she wants to be happy for Lucas and Lily and them getting to meet each other but she’s so conflicted and she doesn’t know how to feel. I’m kinda of wondering what made her react the way she did when Lily hugged Lucas because its 2AM and my brain hurts. Maybe she’s startled how much Lily seemed to already take to Lucas, especially considering he’s a stranger to the little girl and she’s realizing even more the gravity of their situation? Or, even though she knows Lucas will do his best to be a good dad, she’s afraid of her daughter getting attached too quickly and getting hurt/disappointed? Or maybe she was just simply feeling a smidge threatened?

Not much to say for the final scene other than my Zucas heart is sad:( Nice to see Zay working with kids and knowing he at least had a picture of the 5/6 of then (depending on if Isadora was in it) But as I said concerning Maya, after years of being furious with him, letting ago of such strong feelings can’t be easy just because you’re just now learning the full truth.
1/4/2018 c5 violet1429

I’m so frustrated with Maya and I’m mad at myself for being so because any hostility she has towards Lucas is understandable and talk of rights and the fact that this more or less should be on Riley’s terms are all realistic and reasonable things to discuss but uggggh idk what’s wrong with me:)) Riley does need to move forward because she can’t avoid this, but this is the kind of thing that needs to be settled as quickly as possible to the best of everyone’s abilities. I know Maya’s anger stems from Rucas’ relationship towards the end and the fact that Lucas wasn’t around for Lily and I acknowledge that you don’t just get rid of that anger as soon as you find out that he just didn’t know but ugh it bothers me!

LOVED Zay going to Josh, especially considering their whole thing with Maya. Even though Zay’s reasoning was that Josh is a Matthews so he would likely know how to help Zay out because, well that’s what they do, it’s nice to know that he felt like he could go to Josh even though they aren’t very close at all. And of course, the appearance by the always mischievous Maya Hart was entertaining, especially seeing that she managed to leave without giving either of them an answer fo why she was there and her clear “um wtf” reaction to seeing Zay there at Josh’s. Intriguing ending to that scene!

I honestly forgot Wes existed the further we go into this story so I’m very sorry about that but I’m looking forward to seeing him in this iteration! Poor guy had to watch the Rucas interaction and that couldn’t have been easy for him

I’m glad Lucas apologize and isn’t taking no for an answer because as uncomfortable and stressful the conversation could potentially be, they need to talk about it!
1/4/2018 c4 violet1429
I don’t have much to say for the Corpanga scene other than you always write them so well! When I was reading their exchange, I could picture it so clearly like I was reading a script from BMW/GMW! You write all the characters really well and stay true to what we’ve seen of them, but it’s extra true when you write for Cory and Topanga.

Nice little call back to their “hi, hey, hi” even if it felt a little wistful when I had read it. Their disagreement about him meeting Lily hurts as much as it did the first time, but I have to side with Riley. It’s understandable that Lucas is jumping the gun a bit when it comes to being in his daughter's life, especially when he unintentionally missed the first 2 years. Lucas is a very reactionary person and acts with sensibility (I never ever will pass a chance to reference that lovely episode XD) But Riley is the one who has been raising her and has grown more accustomed to what it means to be a parent: no matter what your feelings are, you have to act in the best interest of the child. Yes Lili and Lucas should have a relationship, but they have to ease her into it because she doesn’t know him, as unfortunate as that is, and if they don’t, the poor thing will get confused.

Even in the show, it always seemed like Farkle was always a good middle man when it came to misunderstandings/complications, especially where Rucas was concerned. Maya is partial to Riley and normally I would say Zay is partial to Lucas, but considering the present circumstances, I feel that would be inaccurate to say right now. It’s good that he was the one to speak to Lucas because Farkle is rational and as much as he loves Riley, Lucas, despite not being around for the last few years, is one of his best friends, so he can at least be slightly objective (relative to the others, of course) I personally think that if it came down to it, Farkle’s overall loyalty falls with Riley, but I’d say is 55% / 45%. I like that he never tells them what to do one way or another because when it comes down to it, decisions concerning their situation should be made with the least amount of outside intervention as possible.
1/2/2018 c6 Carolyn
The Rucas scenes warmed my heart. It seems just right for them. I understand Cory’s concern but it’s Rileys decision. Hopefully Rucas will continue having moments. The Zay scene just hurts. They need to make up soon.
1/2/2018 c5 Carolyn
I can’t believe i forgot to review to this. I loved the flashback of rucas it really was precious. I love the Zay/josh friendship you have going. I like Wes just not for Riley and I hope you don’t hurt the boy too bad.
1/2/2018 c6 Guest
Poor Lucas no one has faith in him but Riley! Can't wait to see what happens next
12/28/2017 c5 Guest
I hope this is Joshaya and not Zaya
12/28/2017 c5 tristanscipio1
i am enjoying the reworked memories from this story. It is very refreshing and I hope we are back where we left off soon. i cant wait to see rucas get back to that spot.
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