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for The Forgotten Legacy

9/18 c17 Guest
This story is a really well written one, I really enjoy it. All I would ask is for the chapters to be longer, and when is the next update?
9/17 c17 Guest
Update! And fix the Jaina-Percy relationship! That whole anger/not contacting thing felt stupid alto it was written well
8/27 c1 Jose19
You made a mistake on Nico pairing with Thalia because he is a confirmed homosexual, and has no interests on women.
7/19 c17 jbugay501
Fantastic chapter keep it up
7/19 c17 5SpartanBoi
Nice to see someone actually mention the terraforming.
7/19 c17 20Death Fury
6/10 c16 Lorem54
Not bad
6/9 c16 Death Fury
excellent chapter
6/8 c16 jbugay501
Fantastic update keep it up
6/8 c16 5SpartanBoi
Cool chapter, I hope you go into detail about the damage the Vong have done to the planet, specifically the undercity. With all their nasty plants and creatures.
5/20 c15 GhostlyJaguar007
When was the last time this story was updated.
I can't wait for the next chapter to come out... and I don't know what to do whilst I'm waiting
4/13 c15 20Death Fury
nice chapter
4/13 c15 121stRemix
Make Percy say “this is the way”
4/13 c1 2Aurum Faea
Look, I know it's a fanfiction, but there's nothing about ooc or anything. Nico wouldn't be straight for anyone but reyna and he already has an established boyfriend. it just,, doesn't make sense to me. Sorry
4/12 c15 jbugay501
Another great chapter keep it up
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