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for Let Me Count the Ways

4/29/2016 c13 chap01
You really need to stop making me cry (never mind, I love it really). But that realisation, that feeling of failure, it hits too close to home.
4/29/2016 c12 chap01
I could feel all of the emotions in that single statement of "home".
4/29/2016 c11 chap01
I'll admit I had to look up ronyon, what a wonderful new insult to add to the arsenal!
4/29/2016 c10 chap01
That AN cracked me up, merlin forbid I ever collect a republican ex!
Oh Albus, allowing himself the sweet delusion of a heady dream only to turn away and deny himself any semblance of love.
4/29/2016 c9 chap01
I am floating in a happy glow, so happy.
4/29/2016 c8 chap01
You're so good are bringing emotional depth to characters who are too often dismissed.
4/29/2016 c6 chap01
Ok... this is heartbreaking and wonderful all at the same time, I'm in tears again. They're all so considerate of each other. Except for Brocklehurst of course.
4/29/2016 c5 chap01
Oh I just want to give Narcissa a hug and tell her everything's going to be ok.
4/29/2016 c4 chap01
Minerva is one of my all-time favourite characters, I desperately want to read a well-written fic based around a young "Minnie". Hint hint nudge nudge
4/29/2016 c3 chap01
Not the cats! Hahaha wonderful stuff, though I'm desperately trying not to imagine Mundungus naked... ugh
4/29/2016 c2 chap01
It's so refreshing to see Millie presented as romantically desirable and Blaise as something other than the Sirius Black of their generation. This... this relationship is everything I've ever wanted for myself and now I'm in tears.
4/29/2016 c1 chap01
This is wonderful, I wish there was more representation of asexual and aromantic relationships in fanfiction. Thank you.
4/19/2016 c28 1Scherherazade
but it's tempting to turn it into one.
4/19/2016 c28 Scherherazade
I agree their relationship is special. It's not a romance
4/19/2016 c26 Scherherazade
This was sweet. As a Dramoine fan I thank you.
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