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for Let Me Count the Ways

11/5/2017 c22 Salovi
This chapter made me cry! So beautiful.
11/4/2017 c17 Salovi
Oooh I loved this chapter!
11/4/2017 c5 Salovi
Love this idea! This feels so true to the characters of Lucius and Narcissa.
4/16/2017 c29 Happy
Oh boy is THAT a tempting one to ask you to expand upon...!
4/16/2017 c28 Happy
Great story! I've never read anything quite like it. You're such an original thinker!
4/16/2017 c27 Happy
Great scene!
4/16/2017 c26 Happy
Fabulous! You're like an old pro with the two of them!
4/16/2017 c25 Happy
The lovely, lilting, brilliantly looney Luna...
4/16/2017 c24 Happy
Tragic, unfathomable heartbreak...
4/16/2017 c23 Happy
I'd call this self-love. The best variation of it.
4/16/2017 c22 Happy
Yes! You nailed this one, too!
4/16/2017 c21 Happy
4/16/2017 c20 Happy
My heart pangs for them and all would-be couples and would-be expressions of love that they represent. You are so very, very talented.
4/16/2017 c19 Happy
Yeah, wow. And really you could reasonably substitute in many different types of causes/campaigns/holy wars for millions of other people, and many of those folks' sanity wouldn't necessarily be questioned. Such an astute commentary in few words!
4/16/2017 c18 Happy
And I love your Hansy and especially your Theomipne - great match!
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