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6/3/2019 c52 Leilla
5/29/2017 c52 Tigressg71
6/3/2014 c52 Guest
NNOOOO! Mistyblue1, you're killing us with this chapter. Heartbreaker. Please continue it. Make it all better. Please.
5/30/2014 c52 JinxJK
I'm dying. Please continue it. You left us hanging, but we're ensnared. It's a wonderful story.
1/12/2014 c52 9Chase Ling Ziao
Q_Q please continue this. I beg you.
9/1/2013 c11 Guest
How she got into this amazing mess: she kissed Pietro.
8/8/2013 c52 lulz
Hey! Please PLEASE complete this story! It's so interesting and Kitty and Pietro are meant to be together! Kietro all the way!
5/27/2013 c52 12AwesomePerson12
I dont like this chapter, because I believe that they should all end up together (I'm a sucker for happy endings).
Scott&Jean, Remy&Rogue, Pietro&Kitty, Bobby&Jubilee, and so on.
2/17/2012 c52 elibunny44
Hey i know this story is really old and you probably won't update(darn) anymore, i just want to say that this is the best kietro fic i've read even though i'm a lancitty fan. Kietro is my 2nd favorite pairing and this story is one of the few best ones there is. Sad that you're not updating but i'm sure you had a reason so that's all i have to say. Great job on this fic and i hope in the future you have time to finish this fiction.

With love , elibunny44 =)
11/19/2009 c52 5AForgottenFairy
ooh! OUCH! poor Pietro! and Kitty when she finds out! i LOVE Kietro! i think they're pretty cute! i dont really Lancitty, i like Kiotr though... my fav couple EVER though Romy! :D haha! please update soon!


7/6/2009 c52 quicksilverfan
finish this srory and make more please
4/12/2009 c49 92fooboo24
But... but... but... *sniffling* what about Kitty and Pietro? He can't be with that b* Siren! And Lance doesn't deserve Kitty! Lancitty sucks and Siren is just... SIREN. So update, please! Though, the chances of you updating are slim, contemplating that it has been almost five years since you last updated! WAH! I wish u update, I wish u update, I WISH U UPDATE!

But like I said before, great story. Good plot, and it's got my second favourite Kitty pairing: Kitty/Pietro! Kietro! Kietro rules!
4/12/2009 c52 fooboo24
I agree with everyone, why aren't you updating! It's just not right... not right at all. It's cruel and ununsual punishment that you would do this to us! *starts to cry* but, man, this is an awesome story, really, you should finish. You've got a lot of fans that want you to finish it and it would be cool to see was happens between Kitty and Pietro.
4/12/2009 c1 fooboo24
OMG! You simply HAVE to finish! You can't just leave us hanging like that! NO!

but other than that, great! :)
4/9/2009 c52 4Crystalkyubbi-chan
BUT BUT! He doesn't even know if she really likes him!

By the way, looking forward to the next chapter!
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