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9/29/2003 c1 pietroluv
Your such a great writer! Please update soon! Lets see sum Kietro luv! wehoo! :)
9/28/2003 c40 Dacia Mutant Hanyou
write more kitty/pietro. Is Pietro ganna run and save her and then land on her and kiss her. That would be what I would exspect
9/27/2003 c40 3no thanks nora
i liked these two chappies, you shouldn't stop writing Jubilee/Bobby! you write it so well!
9/26/2003 c40 7SugarProphet
Please continue! Your fanfics are great! Kietro rules!
9/26/2003 c40 amarinda
Wow, I'm still loving this... **sighs and grins** I first started reading as a huge Kitty/Pietro fan, but now I've totally fallen for Jubilee/Bobby, too! And Rogue/Remy? Classic, my friend. But I'm so sad you've gotten tired of J/B, I just started **really* liking them. Do you know of any other good fics with them? Oh well, nothing can be as good as this. Thank you for writing! And hope college is going well... I'm in my 4th semester and it's still killing me. O.o;; Why did I take chemistry this semester? Bleh. Oh well, rewards like these make life much easier. You rock! heh heh...
9/24/2003 c40 Starfire
Love the Kietro! Update soon, please!
9/24/2003 c39 aaaaab
YaY! your back *hugs*

heheheheh I love this story so much! hehehehe bobby got in a fight hehehehehe

jubes and bobby really nedd to get together alright already! but it is funny at how stupid they are!

lovea ya

9/24/2003 c40 Pandora
OH! Don't hold me in suspence. Please write more, I have been waiting for an update for weeks and finally you write and you leave me with a cliffhanger. (Sigh) The world hates me. Please write more, and as always, I love your fic.
9/24/2003 c40 2AngieX
No I do not hate you. On the contrary I'm so relieved u updated and didnt just leave me hangin there with an unfinished fic. Dont ya hate it when that happens?

okay first of all y dont u wanna write Jubby pairings? U do a great job of it in this fic.

Second, I luved the Kietro and all but dont like make them just fight. I mean there is gonna be some more of that Kietro goodness u had like before right?

Oh and third, Romyness plz!

Great fic. Glad ur on my favs list.

9/24/2003 c40 Hallaeon

I have been reading your stories forever (well, for quite a few months now) and I never reviewed. I feel terrible. You may not know, but you HAVE been on my favorites list for a specific reason.

You got me addicted to Kietro!

Which is in all a good thing. I understand about the not updating often lately...I just started college and it is just terrible how much work I have to do between my job and schoolwork. But try not to forget about this story, I have been reading it ever since you first posted it.

I love your writing, you show the tension between Pietro and Kitty very well! I am not overly fond of Jubilee and Bobby together, but you write it nicely anyway. And Rogue/Remy...lol, I noticed that you started really working on the accents, good job!

Please update when you have the time. I hope you get over your writers block, I know what a pain it can be.

If you ever start another story, and want to explore an interesting couple I suggest St. John and Amara. ^_^ Okay, that was a pathetic plea, but nonetheless, they are fun to write together.

But don't ever give up on the Kietro!

9/23/2003 c40 3The Untouchable Rogue
Damn you! Damn you to heck! Why, oh why must you leave me with such a nasty nasty nasty cliffhanger? OOh, you horrible person! I want more! MORE i tell you! Hee hee, okay, I'm better now. Go the Kietro! I like these, actually. Heaps better than Lancitty's and Kurtty's. Long live Kietro! But I'm still a huge Romy fan. So show me some more of that sweet sweet Romyness! ^-^
9/23/2003 c39 MeEh

~*Buh Baiz*~
9/23/2003 c40 Dastardly Dame
Yay, you updated! I'm so happy now. Fantastic fic, Mistyblue. Crazy dance
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