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4/9/2009 c51 4Crystalkyubbi-chan
Bobby should just dump Samantha! She's a two-timing witch-w+b! x

Poor Jubilee! I feel for her, but maybe she should explain more thourally what she's feeling to Bobby...
4/9/2009 c50 Crystalkyubbi-chan
lol, it's kinda funny since she is able to kiss him into a coma. I hope Scott and Jean just get together so Rogue can not feel guilty for liking Remy, which it is obvious she does!
2/27/2008 c52 20jadedXelement
gosh. i was a reader of this story when you last updated. i reread it .. i just wished you finished it. maybe in time .. you will! i wont give up on yoU! haha =D
9/16/2007 c52 gambitfan85
You can't end it there. I need to know what happen on the ride with the Romy couple. I don't care if it's been 3 years. U can find a way to write at least 1 or 2 chapters just to put a conclusion to it can't u? Plz it needs to be completed once and for all.
5/10/2007 c52 Requiem Night
i absolutly LOVE this story! and kitty and pietro are so cute! and i love how u kinda show another side to pietro cuz he's just kool like that. can u please please please update?
10/16/2006 c51 164Vaneria Potter
Well, things certainly look like they're going to GET ugly, but the story itself rocks.
11/28/2005 c52 noo
NO! You cannot end it like this!UPDATE!the wait for your updates are killing me...if you are going to abandon the story could you at least drop by and leave a message to tell us that u aren;t gping to finish the story? ( not that i am encouraging you to stop writing, cus you CANNOT STOP WRITING!) UPDATE PLEASE!
10/31/2005 c52 AngieX
HOLY CRAP! YOU MUST CONTINUE! DON'T LEAVE IT THERE! *cries* Why'd you stop? at least tell me that!
10/26/2005 c52 anon
but i love the fic
10/26/2005 c40 anon
siren should rot in hell
7/5/2005 c52 Silvershadowcat
fab story!
6/25/2005 c1 2Kawaii Rin-chan
oo! I remember reading a bit of this story before but I didn't have account then. I do now so Imma save it to my favorite list and I can go back onto it to read it.

^^ Ileave an review at the last chapter.
6/18/2005 c52 Choco
Hello anybody home. i have been waiting for ages for the next chap to come out and i must say i am annoyed. Oh Please hurry UP!
6/11/2005 c52 Natalie
PlEASe dun leavE it here! UPdate PLeasE! pretty please . it's such a sad point to stop.
5/29/2005 c1 4Rosie King
Are you going to finish this? Zause, I'll have to kill you if you don't!
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