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1/16/2003 c1 Aphrodite
Oooh, do I sense another fabulous Kietro in the making? With some possible Romy and Bobilee on the side? Great chapter! Update soon, please! I gotta know what Pietro wants to talk to Kitty about!
1/16/2003 c1 Guest
u wanted reviews? here! you must continue!

absolutely loved it.
1/15/2003 c1 Araz
good so far!
1/15/2003 c1 December Rogue
Rogue and Pietro!

Rogue and Pietro!

Rogue and Pietro!

Okay, can you tell who I like? Kill Scott, he's an annoying character, but I love Pietro! Little hearts crowd my eyes...uhm review, yeah

Like the story, like the scheme, I love to see things go haywire, but may I sway the author,,

Rogue and Pietro!

Or at lease Remy and Rogue!
1/14/2003 c1 7Lady MR1
Well, this is interesting...

When does Remy come in, and when he does, will Scott even notice Rogue to be jealous?

Write more soon! ^_^
1/14/2003 c1 K.C yes thats my name.sighs
...LOVE IT! hehehehehe!

i wonder what he wants? why do you leave me in suspence! well i cannot wait for the next chapter(s)!


p.s you are 1 heck of a author! *claps* ^_^;;
1/14/2003 c1 1Vagabond-Brown
Oooh, this looks interesting, I like the look of it so far! (The only thing that annoys me is Rogue mooning over Scott but that's a personal preference and nothing to do with how good your writing is) Looking forward to the Kitty/Pietro plotting and Remy intro, update again soon!
1/14/2003 c1 2Phreakish
Ahh...another Kietro...*closes eyes and lets out a blissful sigh*...*opens one eye* Weeeeeeeellllllllll? What're you waiting for? POST ANOTHER CHAPTER! Uhmm...err...please?
1/13/2003 c1 1Blessed Be
Ohohohoh, I'm already hooked ^_^ This is so great so far! GOD I LOVE YOUR STORIES! Kietro writers are nearly extinct last time I checked U_U too much Kurrty and Rogue/Gambit (what if it was Gogue? That would be funny!) This is really realistic as well, I can't wait till the next chapter, so UPDATE! (let's save some time and add about a thousand more exclamation points ^_^)
1/13/2003 c1 9DeMoNic GigGleS
oooo, what DOESNT he want, everyone knows what a naughty bot pie-boy is...still gots pie on da brain, y did me uncle make the nummsiest of pies, then eat it all himself! girrrrrrr...but um...yeah. u r SO going on my fave author list, me cant help it, i've like, ohmigawd, sooooooo enjoyed all ur fics that i've read and um yeah...i need to lay off on the blonde...
1/13/2003 c1 arielle
this story looks like it's going to be just as good as your other two. I can't wait for you to update soon.
1/13/2003 c1 keika
ooooooooh hurry up and update. and hurry up and put remy in the story.
1/13/2003 c1 74todd fan
Oooooooh this looks to be good!. Keep it up! :D
1/13/2003 c1 EvilGirl4life
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