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4/24 c1 HoneyBear84
Loved it lol
2/13 c1 Difdi
Given the legal assisted suicide thing, I have to wonder how many people Bender has 'assisted'. Or whether a hypnotist who can make people temporarily want to die might be the ultimate serial killer in that society...
12/12/2020 c1 badboys8520
I absolutely loved this.
10/14/2020 c1 Guest
I loved it when tom said that new kid scared the crap outta me
9/13/2020 c1 21Duchess67
1/21/2020 c1 Guest
I kind of wish that this had been expanded on, maybe with Harry and Amy dating.
11/22/2019 c1 4Monster King
Great job
11/8/2019 c1 4Verdauga
You captured the insanity of Futurama well.
9/24/2019 c1 12excessivelyperky
I totally love this. :)

And I feel sorry for Amy.
12/1/2018 c1 9jukehero461
Short, sweet, and the crack about customer service was hilarious! Well done!
11/14/2018 c1 4moops
AHH Zero G jugs is such a good name
9/2/2018 c1 Bronze
Most of this is familiar but not the ending. It's like I've read this before but a different ending. Everything is pretty much the same up till Harry goes to Planet Express. In the one I remember the Ministry somehow sends him back. Now from what I've seen of this show Harry's fitting right in.
8/24/2018 c1 1TheGreatBubbaJ
4/19/2018 c1 12noddwyd
3/25/2018 c1 16Jen Rock
Hilarious! Everything even makes sense in a crazy way. Voldemort couldn't die as long as Harry was still alive. Everyone was in character as well. That last line is great.
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