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6/29/2020 c1 18KillgarraghForever
This is brilliant!
10/10/2019 c1 326JanetM74
Ha! So funny and I can sooo picture this.
5/17/2017 c1 68Waterfowl
This is pure gold! A classic!
5/16/2016 c1 4OurLadyOfTheDragon
Mwaa haa haa. This is amazing! I can picture this perfectly!
2/9/2016 c1 SherwoodChick
Love this, funny with great camaraderie between the characters. It also feels nicely in keeping with Virgil's character that he was the one smart enough to get out of going too. Wouldn't like to be any of them the following morning though.
2/9/2016 c1 512Zarius
i think I'm going to pass out just trying to keep up with all of the tipsy antics of this lot. Hilarious stuff.
2/8/2016 c1 14LMC25
I really like this. I can imagine scott and john like that as i always imagined they would be closer as the eldest brothers and its nice to read about the tracy brothers on downtime.
2/2/2016 c1 128lederra
This was fun!
2/2/2016 c1 153Teobi
*John drinking like a Russian fighter pilot*. I'm sorry, I'm going to have to swoon right here...



Things I loved. (Apart from that... although nothing can top that!)

1. Calling Colonel Casey 'Aunt Val'.
2. All three of them kvetching irritably about being in a bar.
3. Aunt Val being an even bigger flirt than Scott, even though Scott was flirting before he was properly out of the womb!
4. Colonel Casey saying 'arse' and 'boobs'.
5. Lining up the shots because Jeff is about to give his speech.
6. THE JEFF TRACY DRINKING GAME. "Here's mud in your automated eye," as the great man himself would say!
7. Scott taking a swig just to get started. Oy vey.
8. Jeff finally turning up to find them all legless, knowing exactly why, not being offended, and ordering a gallon of booze just to catch up with them. "It was that predictable?"
9. John mixing his drinks like the badass Russian fighter pilot that he is. Za zdorovie!
10. The whole idea that Jeff's noble, humanitarian 'vision' *swigs twice from bottle* has become such a cheesy part of their everyday lives that it actually warrants a drinking game. They won't be laughing quite so much after they've been out on a few dirty rescues, hey! (While Jeff gets to stay home behind his nice, warm desk... he's no fool. Revenge is a dish best served cold!)

Aww, this was great. I was gonna sneakily read it without reviewing (lazy, I know) but then I wanted to give a shout-out to Louise Hargadon too. And then I saw the reference to Russian fighter pilots and I'm rather big on Russians at thee moment thanks to the hunk in the ISS, Yuri Malenchenko. I bet he can drink, phwoar!

Not as much as John, though. :D
2/2/2016 c1 7coralie14
This was fun and I can see the boys doing this often and by the sound of Jeff they have. Like how you wrote the story.
2/2/2016 c1 50thunderbird5
Good one.
2/2/2016 c1 56Louise Hargadon
Poor old Jeff and his lousy speeches! Hahaha!

I really enjoyed this, Mads. I properly laughed out loud at John saying "gin and tonic. But instead of tonic it's vodka." How did his liver survive?! Meh. He's a Tracy. Those boys have the constitution of a mountain!

Really good. Always lovely to read your stuff.

Take care
LH xx

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