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for The Legacy of Hagoromo

8/10 c10 Fanficlover909925
8/10 c5 Fanficlover909925
oo chapters are getting longer, I love it!
8/2 c4 Thiccboii747
Your gonna ruin this fanfic bu doing a naruhina come ooooonnnn mannnnnn do somthing original
7/7 c21 Guest
chapter 22 pls
7/1 c21 10HyperA2019
Looking forward to Chapter 22.
6/30 c16 xboss
5/14 c16 JeSuisFrancaise
Les souvenirs d'Indra ?
3/26 c1 HyperA2019
I am looking foward to Chapter 22.
3/4 c6 1yeaaaahhhh I read
Then squash the negative character traits like that. Good really good I should have done my normal read the chapter all the way through thing before reviewing.
3/4 c6 yeaaaahhhh I read
Huh Naruko is honestly a good sister kinda. She wants her brother their to get pampered with her,Thats sweet tho her being jealous of her brother kinda makes sense with how she was unintentionally raised still established both a good and bad character traits.
3/4 c5 yeaaaahhhh I read
Bitches is actually the proper vocabulary for particular situation. Its not even an insult either, Female dogs are actually called bitches.
2/22 c5 Guest
I found this story earlier. I like it!
2/12 c1 Guest
it need to be longer
1/1 c21 Amber1shipley
12/21/2020 c10 Thee Fan
I think you may have been spelling Sensei wrong it's not sensie it is sensei

thanks for your time
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