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10/28/2023 c1 5VoteDonaldJTrump2024
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6/22/2023 c7 TW
Nice story hope you get back to writing it some day soon.
2/25/2023 c6 9mjwuthering
so, no Tim?
1/7/2023 c6 Spectacular Webhead 11
Jason Todd
12/7/2022 c6 7violetartistic23
Its honestly sad because no one usually acknowledges the fact that Talia technically r*ped Bruce since she drugged him and all... that's why I never really shipped them. It's seriously overlooked
2/25/2022 c7 Guest
Update please?
9/19/2020 c3 Guest
Writr more
6/22/2020 c1 36evolution-500
Good start, although be sure to separate the dialogue from the description. Some grammatical and punctuation errors here and there, but it's a very impressive beginning.
5/20/2020 c1 Guest
Write more
2/24/2020 c7 Spectacular Webhead 11
They've mentioned Jason Todd...


When's the next chapter? :)
3/17/2019 c6 Rick O'Shay25
I never watched the Teen Titans Go! show, but I do know you are just one of many fans who hate it. Why such hate?
Batwoman would have made a good mate for Dick or Bruce; if only they didn't make her an androphobe. But if Dick gets Starfire and/or Batgirl, then Bruce can have Batwoman added to his harem. :)

A little mixing and mashing with other versions of the JL universe would be nice. :)
Though you better clarify as to which costume is worn by each character.
One thing I hate about 52 is how they insisted on having Hawkman instead of Hawkgirl.
PLEASE find a way to show mercy to Terra.

Damian is older by a few hours? Did Talia suffer some kind of birthing complication?
www . verywellfamily labor-and-birth-with-twins-2753691
The average wait is only 17 minutes.

I do apologize for saying that you deprived us in the previous chapter.

Even if the wounds are minor, Nightwing is going to feel sticky-and-icky from his own blood.
Oh dear, is Nightwing thinking of Jason Todd?

It's weird, I can take a punch better than I can take a needle.

I dunno if I could hear concern in Damian's voice; still, Alfred's need to censor Dick was HILARIOUS.

Adrian re-awoke my desire to hear/read how Talia would have "given them the talk".

I gotta wonder; what do you think the twins and their father would think of a Yautja preying on the city's criminals?

I think Damian's disdain for the older Robin suit is genuine; it DOES look rather feminine, given how much exposed leg it provides. One would think Batman has a thing for boys, in a way, if you catch my drift.

Holy crap, how did Red Robin's suit go from a drawing to a real thing is so short a time?
3/16/2019 c5 Rick O'Shay25
I think the story of these two boys should go straight to Teen Titans, bypassing that awful shite known as Bad Blood, while Talia moves into Wayne Manor.

Hmm, you take inspiration from movies and shows... hmm, what if you didn't like a franchise because of how it was handled, but you DID see potential in it? Perhaps, you could be inspired to write a story that fixes what was screwed up about the original story? What genres are your favorite?

LOL, wow, I was expecting Damian, not Adrian, to be the one addressing the two women.

Given their youth and lack of muscle, I still think the SoB story would have been better if it was explained that the two boys were "enhanced", like with say, cybernetics, or that chemical-performance-enhancer that Oscorp developed in Spider-Man, the 2002 film.

Aw man, you deprived me of that hilarious moment that resulted in Nightwing getting cuts all over his body. I suppose, Nightwing wouldn't have been able to tie BOTH boys up. Damian alone put up a VERY good fight, even he lost.

Too bad Nightwing doesn't have a secret distress signal on his person, just in case.
3/4/2019 c4 Rick O'Shay25
Ah, the inseparability of identical twins. I know it from personal experience, though not in a violently cute way like this. :)

Ever watched the Archer show? If so, can you picture Sterling Archer as Bruce Wayne?

I do wonder if Bruce ever made Damian officially his son.

"hacked an inroad"; you meant "hacked into N.O.R.A.D."

Oh boy. They will meet Nightwing, and I would have LOVED to see the fight, but it's perhaps all the better how the movie skips it. It's funnier that way, that's for sure.
2/19/2019 c3 Rick O'Shay25
Do you, RedHood001, prefer the Wayne Manor, or the Stark Mansion?

A cliff is no deterrent to the kinds of enemies a rich or famous person can make.
PLEASE tell me the events of Bad Blood aren't going to happen in your story.

For the sake of the "little movie" playing in my head as I read this, does Pennyworth know who is who, or does he bow to both boys simultaneously and address both with one name after the other?

Has anyone in DC ever created a story where Alfred takes a protégé under his wing?

LOL, can you imagine the effectiveness of a (hypothetical) member of the League of Assassins that isn't fully human, but is in fact a hybrid of either machine (like Terminator: Salvation) or Xenomorph (like in Alien: Resurrection)?

LOL, I agreed instantly with Damien; the original Robin suit is rather effeminate.

Which paternal great-grandfather of theirs owned a pair of katanas?
Was he in the Pacific during the war, and those are a pair of trophies?

I love how Warner Brothers references their own stuff when Alfred turns the TV on and we see actual Looney Tune footage superimposed into the DC cartoon. :)

"Fresh cup lemon"?

Poor bushes. ;)
2/16/2019 c2 Rick O'Shay25
If only Tony Stark was DC, then he could relieve Bruce Wayne of some of the enormous expense the Justice League must cost.

Oh, what I would give to have read how Talia gave them this "talk".

We boys go through two phases; first we're grossed out, and then we're aroused. If the twins are still in the former phase, then they are too young for the "the talk".

"Babysat", not "babysit", in that context. :)
"Ctrl F" to find words, for editing purposes. :)
Talia's talk with Bruce, was it exactly like in the movie?

Did you create Adrian to counterbalance Damian's arrogant attitude? Or is my knowledge of DC more limited than I thought?
Ever read any of the burns people threw at Damian for his remark to his father?

Batman agrees that two 10-year old boys can fend for themselves, just because they've been trained as super-assassins?

LOL, did the narrator, (you), break the 4th wall, and reference that fat bitch that mentioned Batman's DNA at the same time?

I wondered why Bats didn't clarify in the movie that this "sleepover" was NOT going to involve HIS bed, but instead would require the guestroom/child's bedroom.

No need to apologize; I GREATLY prefer 100 short chapters over 30 LONG chapters.
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