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6/4 c156 Guest
It's been a few days? I've lost track of time how long I've been reading to catch up. I'll admit I was hasty - I saw a million word count and assumed the story was complete. Now I'm invested and ready to stick it out to the end. I can't believe the journey I've been on so far. You're an incredible writer and I can't imagine sticking with one story for so long without forgetting small details. Thank you for all the time you've spent on this over the years. It's magnificent
6/4 c155 Guest
Okay I've been waiting for the Benji conversation. This is good progress.
6/4 c134 Guest
Oh my God. What's next? Minister bans contraceptive potions?
6/3 c127 Guest
This chapter surprised me. I didn't like Cara, and I wasn't sure how Blaise was going to survive constantly changing the topic and dodging magic discussions. I know all the parties with her were awkward because they had to dodge saying words like apparate.

But I didn't realize Benji was gay. I didn't realize that Cara was religious to the point of being able to immediately quote scripture to reference her point. I didn't know Cara was against Benji. I almost wish there was a Cara POV chapter or something. It's like my brain's only been focusing on the action - I know Cara doesn't speak at the parties and feels left out, but is she really sitting there and watching the whole time and nothing else? Has she really not sat down with Blaise and said "these parties with your friends make me uncomfortable because they're so secretive" before today? I was ready to say I'm rooting for Benji this chapter, but it feels like their story was rushed to fit a ton into this chapter.

I'm still rooting for Benji this chapter. I hope Blaise talks to him soon.
6/3 c126 Guest
This fic does an excellent job of making me hate the ministry. I wish we could get all those community officers fired.
6/3 c124 Guest
Oh my God the ministry doesn't give them a break. I'm praying Harry's no confidence vote comes in soon.
6/3 c113 Guest
Theo! I'm so excited he's back. I was wondering where he disappeared to after hanging out with Draco so often at school
6/2 c99 Guest
I wish the Aurors used pensive memories. You would think it would help Harry to see all the death eaters
5/31 c74 Guest
I'm very conflicted. It feels spammy to post a review every chapter, especially since there's things I want to see happen, but it's best if I just keep reading to find out what happens. Also this is the second day in a row I've stayed up until 5am to read your story. Every time I finish a chapter I'm just like "wait we haven't solved this plot thread yet I have to keep going" and suddenly it's 6 hours later. Maybe I can sleep now. I'll be back tomorrow for sure.
5/30 c53 Guest
Man David's got it rough. I hope he can work things out with Gwen
5/29 c19 Guest
This is a chapter I'm excited to see a rewrite for. I don't think it's bad the way Ron/Hermione/Draco is playing out. But Hermione said they weren't even friends anymore in chapter 3 or 4. It feels like Ron's going to have to abuse Pansy to have a child with her, and if Hermione catches Ron at the wrong moment he could snap at her too.

Did the Ministry ever think through what could happen in abusive situations? Surely a stressful pregnancy can't be good for childbirth.
5/28 c7 Guest
I'm not a writer. I love the rewrite. The first few chapters have excellent pacing and feel like I'm learning a lot of details. Each time I reached the end of a chapter it felt like I had come so far.

I still like the rest of the chapters too. But the story seems different. It doesn't flow as well. I can't believe how long this is. Thank you for writing such a long and detailed story.
5/29 c1 1QuietKills
I love the rewrite version. I'm still reading the first version though. I love how the rewrite fleshes out relationships. I'm so excited to hear when this gets updated next.
4/24 c6 Wantaknow
When he behaves that badly, why would any female want to be with him?
4/17 c27 Huckepack
Die gewaltsame Verbindung zweier Wesen muss für jéden Zivilisierten untragbar sein. Warum macht der Schöpfer das? Zerstörtes Grundstück durch Absenküng bis auf dieses niedrige Gelände. Unerträgliche Bevormundung der Leser, was für eine Schande.
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