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for Fairy Tail: The Celestial Goddess

4/4/2021 c31 AGreen2222
Honestly I thought everyone was very out of character in this one. Team Natsu behaved like idiots to pile on Lucy and then the way they and the rest of the guild reacted to her the next day was totally over the top and out of character, particularly for Natsu, Gajeel and Levy. Why would gajeel and Levy turn on her, and why did so many become couples overnight? And what about Canna and Wendy and other people who would not be cruel to Lucy? I finished the story, curious about what explanation there was for their odd behavior, but there wasn’t an adequate one. The idea that Lisanna told an extremely obvious lie to the team to make Lucy look bad and then seduced Natsu and then used him to convince everyone else to drive Lucy from the guild...well it’s a fairly flimsy plot point. Natsu has more honor and sense of nakama than that.. he would not call his partner horrible names and threaten to kill her. And Lucy might agree that she’s weak, but not a slut. Also, in the first chapter Natsu seemed to really prefer Lucy to Lisanna, but then he chooses Lisanna and approves of the stupid insults and names Lisanna hurls at Lucy? I thought some kind of potion or spell was to blame, but it was not. Also, I expected the master of saber tooth to cause some serious problems, but he did not.
3/7/2019 c11 EmberXXXFlare
OK I ship Minerva and Lucy now great
6/28/2018 c31 3Silverstory101
12/31/2017 c31 jewlzs1420
Wow this was really good. Loved it. And screw any haters cuz they have no clue what they are talking about :D
8/26/2017 c3 doctorsz
wooow, i just can believe how good this story is. I'm currently reading the second chapter and i'm already in love with your writing. it's so different ! You transformed a cliché into something incredible. I love the way you made team natsu scolding Lucy. I can't wait to read the next chapter
6/11/2017 c31 BabyG2021
This story is amazing! I completely love it! The best part about this story is that it's completely different from any other story that I've read about Fairy Tail! I also loved it because it showed the more hateful side of Fairy Tail and that's probably my favorite part of this story! Well besides Lucy and Lisanna's fight. But my only question is how did Lisanna convince all of Fairy Tail to hate her, and kick her out of the guild?
5/3/2017 c1 IJustWannaReadEpicStories
Lack of Order in your text. POV changes so suddenly are confusing even when you do mark it. POV changes are most proper when it's seperated by Chapters and not Lines.
4/23/2017 c31 36Eagle Dreamer
I really enjoyed it.
4/19/2017 c31 Guest
I liked reading this fanfiction since day 1. It was a nice take on Lucy and everyone else in the anime. My complaint is how was Lisanna able to convince Natsu and everyons else to throw out Lucy? Like Levy who was supposed to be her best friend and Wendy who seems to sweet to hate anyone. Other than that and a few spelling errors, the story was good and Ireally liked this darker take on Fairy tail. It's like an alternate universe/reality
2/2/2017 c31 melissa
can you hurry up and make a new chapter?
1/16/2017 c31 Guest
I really loved the story, it was amazing. But I do wish that towards the end Lisanna told all of Fairy Tail what she did to Lucy and why she did it. Then after that everyone in Fairy Tail felt bad for what they did to Lucy and said sorry.
1/4/2017 c31 Undertheskys
Good story but I wanted the Fairy tail guild to apologize to her still though...
12/31/2016 c31 3IdRatherBeMe13
I loved this story. I'll always have a soft spot for this kind of story. It tied up all the major loose ends and closed out nicely. I'll definitely be on the lookout for other stories by you! Keep writing!
12/27/2016 c31 Flamexofxchaos
Damn, I was hoping for a lemon scene Jk, it was an amazing way to end this story! I enjoyed reading this story a lot. Congrats on finishing it.
12/27/2016 c31 6The Age of Awesomeness
Awesome! I really enjoyed this! I hope you keep writing to your heart's content!
Happy holidays!
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