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for Fairy Tail: The Celestial Goddess

12/27/2016 c30 2DoomMarine55
"Why you gotta hate. Okay if you don't like it then just move along then. "

Up yours I can express my opinion and explain why your story is sh-it if I want to.

"The story is over and don't be a d*** because I love what i write and it may not be for u especially when you don't even know who I am in reality. "

Good it was terrible. Also I can tell based on your writing that you're a spoiled white girl who gets everything handed to her and doesn't have enough brain space to grow up and reflect on herself and change for the better.

"ike I said u don't know me or what I can do and I've had enough of the haters trolling all because of a story everybody does but differently.

You don't do sh-it differently. You recycle the same trashy cliches because you're lazy and so are most of the people who makes these garbage stories.

Go read "Sound Pod on Shuffle" it's a good Lucy leaves story on my favorites and takes notes you talentless hack.

" And if you have the audacity to disrespect me personally then I would never considered anyone to work with you in the future ."

Like anyone values your opinion.

"And this is a website for imagination to run wild not for trolls like u and others to harass people."

Yeah it is a website for "imagination to run wild" no for you and your losers group to keep propagating a s*** narrative that lowers the bar for new writers.
12/25/2016 c31 1fangirl-mode-on
This was incredibly cool. I read all the 31 chapters today Thank you
12/25/2016 c31 2DoomMarine55
AJleefan: "IT's too hard being imaginative and creative, I know! I'll just recycle the same tired cliched formula that every no talent hack uses. I fill my story with garbage that only losers like me like? Character bashing? How else am I going to get these two other characters who share no chemistry into a relationship? By developing one organically? BWAHAHAHAH, i'd never put effort into my story. Lucy's character arc? No no no she's already perfect even though in my sh-it story she acts like a whiny co-dependent who just runs to a man to fix her problems even though I don't actually understand her character at all. I mean who want's characters who are relatable and have flaws amirite. I'm sure the five people who read my story will love this new installment in my own personal therapy session where I live vicariously through a fictional character and write out some immature power fantasy to get back at the people who picked on me in highschool, even though I probably deserved it."
12/25/2016 c31 orestiskoukis
Omy, I can't believe it has ended here... I wanted more to happen though. I enjoyed it very much. U made a good work

Merry Christmas
12/25/2016 c31 11TsukiChanChan
12/11/2016 c30 Guest
I hope the truth comes out in the last chapter about Lisanna's lies. She has played those fairy tail idiots for too long now. It's time they beg for forgiveness to the one they betrayed
12/12/2016 c30 3IdRatherBeMe13
I love this story! I just found it today and read through all the chapters whenever I had free time. I normally don't like StingxLucy stories but this one is really well thought out and focuses more on Lucy's character development and uses that as an element of it rather than focusing to much on the romance itself which I think is really well done. Even if the plot is a bit cliche, I love reading the different tales and twists people do which I suppose makes these stories my guilty pleasures. So far, this one really stands out and I can't wait to see how you end it (great fight scene btw). I'm looking forward to reading your next chapter!
12/12/2016 c30 6The Age of Awesomeness
I'm sorry I missed reviewing in the last chapter! Both were great though! Keep it up and please update soon!
12/11/2016 c30 14Lord Revan Flame
That was a great fight scene. Great detail and writing, and I do love the way way you write in the style of Lucy's thoughts.
Very analytical and anxious.
12/11/2016 c30 1vacress
I like how instead of the cliche 'Lucy wins easily' think you made lissana put up a good fight
12/11/2016 c1 2DoomMarine55
More badly written garbage from the retarded Lucy fangirl. Take it back.
12/11/2016 c30 Scarlett-Indigo
Woohoo! I always love stories where Lucy kicks butt
12/9/2016 c29 Guest
Oh I'm so glad you're back! :) Please continue and THANK YOU for updating! :)
12/7/2016 c29 2HummingBird742
I like and don't like cliffhangers. Immediately my mind starts to think about what could happen...
12/4/2016 c29 1vacress
Unless what?
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