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for What if they lived?

6/19/2019 c1 Guest
Many of us patiently awaits for more...
6/25/2018 c6 Guest
this is canon now, anything with Mrs Hamley & Osbourne not dead in it is perfect
2/1/2018 c1 Dagmar
Aren't you going to continue it?
10/29/2017 c1 Guest
What I have read so far is enjoyable. But I think that the Squire and his sons wouldn't have become so close to and fond of Molly if Mrs Hamley and Osborne had not died. Perhaps if Osbourne only had not died the affection between them all would still be present.
8/19/2017 c6 squintymayhem
Congratulations! And thank you for finding time between two young children, that couldn't have been easy.
7/26/2017 c5 Guest
I've really enjoyed the first five chapters and would love to see where you take the rest of this story. I hope you will come back to this.
4/17/2017 c5 squintymayhem
I see you haven't updated in over about a year. It's a shame, I love it so far! And there's a shockingly low amount of Wives and Daughters fanfiction. I hope that life has only temporarily forced you to abandon this story and that if it has, it's with only with things that bring you enjoyment.
2/10/2017 c5 10Christmas 95
I love this story so much! please please update soon. I want to see what drama unfolds!
12/6/2016 c4 Unicorn9999
I'm really enjoying this story the characters are spot on. I can't believe you're new to writing. I agree there's far too little WD on Friday.
11/20/2016 c5 costella
I'm enjoy this story so far, please don't give up on it! :)
6/18/2016 c5 Guest
Yay! I'm so glad to see W&D fanfiction. Thank you so much for sharing!
5/1/2016 c1 Guest
I loooved this book. And being bored just came back to this world of fanfictions and discovered this fic. Hope you continue it
2/26/2016 c3 1the youngest Gorgons
so very smart of Roger to find out Cynthia didn't want him...

good luck
2/18/2016 c2 9TheOtherMissOgden
Hello! I'm so glad someone eventually wrote a new 'Wives and daughters' fanfiction. Your story is very nice so far and I can't wait to read more of it. I can't say anything about the language (I'm Polish), but everyone seems to be in character, so good job!

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