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2/24/2016 c1 28The Apocryphal One
So sad :( Poor Frederick and Sully.
2/3/2016 c1 132signelchan
As is typically the case when I send you fic requests, you take the simple concept I’ve provided you with and run with it in a completely different and unique direction than I could ever have imagined. This fic is no exception to that long-standing tradition, and I’m equal parts thankful and sad about that. Thankful because you make sending fic requests to you a lively activity that results in many different surprises; sad because, well, you wrote what is no doubt one of the saddest fics I’ve read in a while.

You picked a good pairing to base this fic around, two parents who have decent supports with each other in game (actually, the first pair I did for either of them!), and the ship, in this and many universes, would result in a strong-willed daughter with the desire to follow exactly in the hardworking footsteps of her parents. While you could pick and choose which father you want Kjelle to have, I honestly believe that no other father would have made this fic as well as Frederick did. He’s stern and dedicated, but he cares about so much more than work and order, and he makes for a good, sympathetic cornerstone for this fic to rest around.

Of course, though, we have to look at the more important part of this fic: how human and realistic you managed to make Sully. She’s brash in canon, most definitely, but there is more to her than her sharp tongue and violent nature. Breaking her down through the use of a tragedy that can only be inferred, never directly stated until the very end, is probably the most touching thing I’ve ever read in a fic about her. To give her the ability to still be harsh and unforgiving, yet at the same time make her so vulnerable and broken, it makes her feel like the well-written character she needs to always be.

I happen to love how you make crying so important, showing how even the strongest of people can break down and cry when the situation is dire enough. For these two, I wonder if anything less than losing their only daughter would have managed to bring them to such dramatic tears.

One last point I wanted to make is actually something I’ve already touched upon. Typically in fics with tragic points or with anything to build suspense, gimmicks are used to force the suspense down the reader’s throat. In this fic, you use no such gimmicks. What is happening can be predicted long before it’s ever stated (and even then, what is stated is that she’s never living in her room again—you even keep away from death and dying words entirely), but it still holds such power, especially when we get to watch how the characters react to the devastating news. You’ve put real power into every word of this short fic, and I am not only glad that you wrote it at my request, but that you decided to share it with everyone.


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