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3/3/2016 c5 4Kumioko
Hi! I really like this story. But I don't quite like the way Remco's father blamed Kuu and his family for every hardship he had to face. Everyone faces different difficulties. So him assuming that Kuon had it easy just because he was born into reach and famous family is wrong. Or that just because someone has a nice face will have it easy in industry is not correct. With no talent she wouldn't climb so high. And here is Kuu as well. No one is perfect but honestly what did he really do to him to hate him so much? He just choose his career and become famous because of his talent and maybe personality. This isn't a good enough reason to hate someone. Especially if you do not even really know the other person. And he can't blame Kuu for his fans actions. I think that Remco should be mad at his father for being so childish. I understand he had it hard but just assuming that they had it easy is stupid. Especially when you do not know them and do not even try to get to know them is wrong and childish. Don't take me wrong I really like this story. And I'm always waiting for next chapter with impatienc. But this chapter wasn't as good as it could have been. Hope I didn't offend you! It's not my intention! I'm trying to write stories as well and I prefer honest opinion to each chapter I write. The story is great and the idea is really interesting. I just hoped he had a better reason to hate Kuu. How would he feel if someone come to Remco and blamed him for every hardship he had in his life just become he looks like him. And assume he had it easy just because his father is rich. There can be million tears hidden behind a smile. You shouldn't judge a book by it covers. While he just did it with the Hizuri family. And honestly after this chapter I don't really like his character that much. What I liked in this chapter that it showed the bond between Hizuri. Each of them tried to help the other. Don't really know why they got so shocked and dumbstruck while he wasn't right about what he said to them. He was just acting like a child. And I really liked the interaction between Remco and Maria although I don't really know what I should think about them. It feels like Maria is starting to few something more for Remco. While he is trying to push her away. Hah anyway can't wait for next chapter! I really hope I didn't offend you with my opinion! If I did than I'm really sorry I really didn't have wrong intentions! Update soon!
3/1/2016 c4 Kumioko
I really like this story! Hope you'll continue soon! Maria is so cute in it :) can't wait to see Kuu's reaction! And Kuons! Update soon!
3/1/2016 c4 buri
Ah, i'm not sure who i feel sorry for, Remco, Kuu or Maria... oh well,good job anyway!
2/13/2016 c1 kyy
Kufufu, leave it to Maria to mess up everyones heads. I like your oc, he is very funny.

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