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for Cold Embrace

10/17/2018 c1 guest
you write the best seiftis stories. :)
11/20/2016 c1 19Politelycynical
Woooo. Accidental brushing is surprisingly sexy. Awesome :)
3/11/2016 c1 159T2 Angel
Wow. That was really good! I usually don't like Quistis/Seifer stories but this is really good! Great job!
2/20/2016 c1 5Quistis88
This is great - haven't read a new Seiftis in years. Loved the phrase "daring purpose". You've still got it! ;)
2/8/2016 c1 1murky burning
Ahh I love this so much! Seifer & Quistis in a classic "blanket scenario"! I don't care how cliche it is, I always love seeing my OTP's in a blanket scenario fic. And this was PERFECT! I really loved their respective reactions to the situation, especially "whoa, easy there instructor" and accusing her of being turned on, hahaha!

And I'm so happy to see new Seiftis fics from you! I just started shipping Seiftis a couple months ago (despite having played the game back in 1999 when it first came out). I've read and faved several of your older stories, and I'm a huge fan of your work. Hope to see more!
2/7/2016 c1 15RainbowKiss
Woah! this! very fun!
2/6/2016 c1 19NikitaDreams
I loved this! I've missed your seiftis fics. I'm so glad you posted it here to share with us :)

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