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for The Fish and the Doctor

2/28/2017 c8 6K.Daniels
I loved this! It was so cute!
1/9/2017 c7 Guest
Please update soon! I love this story!
12/22/2016 c7 10Tempest Wolfe
This is so cute! I am in love!
10/12/2016 c9 Reading-Stories-Only
I think 'Oh crap~' School?!
9/19/2016 c7 48lostiesgirl
It was a nice read. And I enjoyed Grace's attitute.
9/19/2016 c6 lostiesgirl
The part where Grace becomes Grace reminded me a bit of the Powerpuff girls.

Which is a good thing. And it's nice to see Grace contributing a bit. Thought it would be nice to know what type of space fish is she.
8/15/2016 c7 6TPWABW
This is so CUTE, I love it so much. Grace is so well written as a 7 year old fish/human hybrid.
8/15/2016 c7 6Kat A. Coop
Excellent Chapter!:)
8/15/2016 c7 Reading-Stories-Only
Aaawwww! So cute! YAY! ANOTHER! As Thor would say... "ANOTHER!" *Sound of breaking glass since he threw his mug*
8/13/2016 c6 Reading-Stories-Only
When I first started this story I thought 'Pauno, Pauno fishy in the sea!' (it's a pixar movie), then in this chapter I saw a 'Little Mermaid' reference!("Glad I can be part of your world") I don't know or care if they were intentional or not! one of the best explanations ever "I used to be a fish", PLEASE CONTINUE THIS STORY!
8/9/2016 c6 Kat A. Coop
Super Amazing! Loved it and the name fits very well.
8/7/2016 c6 Guest
Amazing ! ;)
8/5/2016 c1 7Nymeria-TheLostWolfQueen
Loved it so good.
Sweet and short.
7/6/2016 c5 Doctoress
Hey, sorry this took so long, I'm not the fastest reader and a lot's been going on. I really like this idea, it's really well thought out! In general I think you could be able to use some stronger adjectives and descriptions. (though maybe I had a little trouble because I haven't seen Dinosaurs on a Spaceship recently and forgot most of the plot for that episode, oops) The story seems a little rushed, but as you continue writing it should balance out. Great job on it so far!
5/31/2016 c5 45Stella Luce 333
I love this! Dot/Grace is adorable & relatable, as well as instantly likable…I don’t think I’ve ever seen an idea like this before! I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next!
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