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for You Evil Son Of A-

5/11/2016 c13 9JesterDGrowlithe
You know what, I think you should have wrotten some things about Madara's child body, it would have been more dramatic to imagine Madara's rape face on a child's body or an innocent looking child showing his capability to annilate countless people and wield god like power!
3/2/2016 c5 Yami-Guy
The F bomb is being dropped so much that any enjoyment I can get is being ruined. Still an interesting concept but the cursing is just unnecessary with the amount of times you have been using them.
2/26/2016 c17 Guest
Straight up parody fic and requires this to be marked as such
2/26/2016 c2 Guest
was cool till you went and smoked that crack rock and started thinking you knew what funny was! So many potentially good writers have such bad humor!
2/20/2016 c16 Xalve
2/20/2016 c3 Lord Asmodeus
The...A.I mechanics is ruining this story. It takes away from Madara. And let's face it, with the Madara tag, people merely wish to see him kill, fight, and conquer the world.
2/19/2016 c15 20yukio00
Lol madara, lol X'D
2/16/2016 c13 3Azrael Zero
i'll admit it...i snickered a bit at the thought of madara punting babies.
2/16/2016 c1 zanpaktospirit0
You gave Madara the gamer oh they are so fucked
2/16/2016 c12 Nihilist Noblesse
Never stop making this. Its exactly what i want in a fanfiction. Well done!
2/15/2016 c5 belamy20
fucking hilarius.., you just trolling madara., even you give him power .,., ahhahaa.. hope you bring zelrech troll god.
2/11/2016 c6 1Dage
Ha hellsing ult abridged reference classic
2/11/2016 c6 11Notsae
2/9/2016 c6 Notsae
2/8/2016 c6 MysticSpider
Hellsing Abridged reference?
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