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3/29/2016 c1 Guest
Here's some ideas for some non rider worlds fate stay night, akame ga kill, persona 4 and kill LA kill
2/6/2016 c1 ToaGaimZXA
So you needed someone to be one of the Dark riders for your story? I'll take Dark Kiva with the sword included though question does it have to be an oc to represent the owner of the said rider?
2/6/2016 c1 Gadget The Critic
'ey, you're going for Dark Riders, right?
You mind if I throw Ryuga in there as me?
2/5/2016 c1 24Dash master 48
I'll be Arc.
2/5/2016 c1 56Generalhyna
Can i Be Nega Den-O since deno is one of my favorite Kamen riders?

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