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for Akame ga KILL!: Vanity's Final Virtue

5/28 c49 leo
puedes continuar tu historia es muy interesante
1/1 c49 Jehu
Guess now they embrace esdeath philosophy, survival goes to the fittest, either they adapt to their Teague and evolve, or die trying
12/30/2020 c49 1Ultimatrix bearer
This reminded me of the hype and build up to the enies lobby arc of one piece. Though I’m genuinely curious as to what mutual subjugation entails. Are we talking like hulk and banner or defeating the spirit bleach style.

12/29/2020 c49 Jason Smith
I read all this, was it worth the wait, was it worth it? It's worth every damn second
happy 2021 and merry Christmas.
12/29/2020 c49 U.A.C
ohhh yeah, finally, after a whole year you came back and it wasn't a decision, I can't wait to read the next chapter, this one is worth every damn second. please update soon.
12/27/2020 c49 Guest
12/26/2020 c49 7WoodenStarfish
Woooh! Yeah baby! That’s what I’ve been waiting for!

Memes aside, glad to see you’re back! This is my favorite story.
12/26/2020 c49 Willidan
This is nice, really, Really, Nice.
If they all end up becoming the Teigus, and maintain their sense of self, they'll all end up becoming even more dangerous, and I feel that it'l be more noticeable on Tatsumi and Seryu, since the first one will a pretty much inmortal dragon that is imposible to trully kill, and the lalter will become nigh unkillable behemoth, although the other won't be slouches either, Wave becoming a beast on pretty much the same level as the Tyrant, but the other's I'm not really sure what will happen on their metamorphosis, either way, it's hype time on what's coming next.
Hope you keep updating.
12/26/2020 c49 Guest
Thanks for update yay
11/28/2020 c48 U.A.C
When are you going to update the story?You are not gonna abandon it are you?
8/22/2020 c48 Guest
When is Vanity's Final Virtue continuing?
6/26/2020 c48 Madieval Fury
When are you going to update the story?You are not gonna abandon it are you?I really like it.
5/20/2020 c48 Aboi
Still salty over Lubbock and Mine's sudden deaths...
5/8/2020 c48 Jt
Your story is very good but you have not updated it for a long time, I do not know if you are going to abandon it or if you are only taking a break, but it would be great if you finished it because it is too good.
Postscript: I've been waiting for that since 2019.
12/4/2019 c48 1Ultimatrix bearer
It’s cool life happens. Canonically the reason kurome got put on steroids is because she was weaker than akame so I’m assuming it’s a goku/ gohan situation where kurome has greater potential.

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