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for Trial of a Legend

8/30 c1 22Shinobi Gatana
This was a pretty funny/great epilogue.
6/1 c1 OzwaldPendragon
I really like these trilogys. I would really like to see if you keep going with the story.
4/30 c1 Guest
Just read the legend was gr8 thanks stay healthy
3/20 c1 Bosco
Excellent job, great story pulls you along makes you want to keep turning the page :)
3/20 c1 Bosco
Excellent job, great story pulls you along makes you want to keep turning the page :)
6/30/2019 c1 chris
I finally got a chance to read all three stories back to back and I must say im completely impressed I do hope you continue making stories about lord potter perhaps have him become the minister after the current one retires or maybe show him helping out the wizard community by repairing all the damage that was done by Voldemort, or even become the headmaster at Hogwarts and what about introducing his kids. just please continue with the story please
6/13/2019 c1 2gunsknivesandplaid
So, I've read all of these in this 'verse and its all spectacularly written. I fully invested myself as I'm in recovery and it was the best! Thank got for these beautiful fics.
1/21/2019 c1 kirsty21
12/5/2018 c1 1Jimbocous
11/17/2018 c1 MeinGimli
Idiots, the lot of them.
Harry took care of a hundred DEs and then Tommie as a dessert, but surely some 7 left overs can take him easily.
Its a bit short for my taste though.
8/2/2017 c1 sanbeegoldiewhitey
Had you disclosed the pairing, I would not have read this. Even JKR now says she regretted not pairing Harry with Hermione. She should be. It was ridiculous that the main male character did not end up with the main female character.
6/17/2017 c1 Talonwalker
I just read all 3 at once, great story. Thanks
4/21/2017 c1 ak
bonne fic!
3/3/2017 c1 GBTtown
Cute, fluffy, over-the-top Harry. Nice idea with the trunk. Don't you just wish you had such a trunk?
I do.
9/10/2016 c1 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Fun short story and thanks for sharing!
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