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1/27/2018 c52 4Amelle Kyre
Ah man Kyra what the hell?! They don't know?! I need them to know! Lol I was so ready for them to find out!

Ah man poor Gunther holding her nightgown to him. They love each other so much and so intensely. It was sweet. And I really felt so bad for Jane when he yelled at her, but just both in general. Whoo it's been quite the ride.

They didn't even get to have sex, poor Gunther lol she left him there in need of a cold shower (herself too lol) meanwhile he was too hurt lol oh boy. Was still pretty steamy. We're getting more of this right?! Cause I need more!

So I'm going to go bug you in the PMs about it lol. And read your other stories.

But I NEED MORE. They need to know, damn it! Lol
1/27/2018 c51 Amelle Kyre
She's pregnant! Ahhhhhhh I can't I'm so excited and worried! Does she not know ?! Gunther was right in trying to keep her home AHHHHH, Although he definitely doesn't know. OMG when he finds out...

I can't! Right now I can't even sit still! What have you done to me woman?!

I'm so glad she didn't loose the baby after everything she just went through, as if it wasn't enough already!

How is she going to react?! How is Gunther?! Gahhhhhh

Okay okay I'm clam now... Mostly. I just realized I haven't said anything about the rest of the chapter. At first I found it strange with Dragon being the voice of reason (also Jane would ride all the way to dragon even though she's seriously injured [and apprently pregnant!] It's such a Jane move) but it actually makes sense. Because he understands that need to keep Jane safe . He understands Gunther best in that situation. It was very very sweet. Tho she slept there and I can imagine that Gunther is back home besides himself with worry.
1/27/2018 c50 Amelle Kyre
Wow. I have too say this has been my favorite chapter. I know it sounds weird. But man that was so realistic and raw. That's exactly what WOULD happen.

I feel like people like to get caught up now a days with what SHOULD happen. That you're significant other should be nothing but supportive and such. And While that's true, this is what would happen. All those feelings and everything they went through it's been tough. She just wanted support and he just wanted answers and of course he feels so helpless. And wishes that they weren't in this situation in the first place. He's out of place but I understand him completely as much as I feel bad for Jane. And Gunther clearly regrets it as well. It's so human.

This was intense as well and I could picture it all so clearly you did an awesome job. It makes them more human and they feel like real people. And you just captured that perfectly. I love your stories and the way you put words together (shout-out to Laree since she helped with that :D)

You blew me away once again. I'm so happy to finally be experiencing this.

So many things I wanted to point out but I feel a little scattered as I took more and more of it in. It was intense! Lol

but just her saying how he hurt her more than Hugh, because Gunther is the person she trusts most, man that hurt I can't even imagine if she had said that out loud or Gunther knew. I think that would too much for him, I honestly don't think he could handle that.
1/27/2018 c49 Amelle Kyre
I've spent like three days trying to finish reading this chapter and review it. But seriously worth it.

Man that dream was intense, I remember you had mentioned you went dark later in the fic and it shows oh man oh man. Poor Jane that stupid Hugh won't leave her alone even tho he's dead and now she has to deal with all this. Which very realistic. She had such a tramatic experience.

And boy Gunther obviously besides himself seeing as he can't do anything. Must feel as helpless as being in the tent again! Gahhhhhh. That is so sad...
1/25/2018 c48 Amelle Kyre
Awww it's so nice to see them getting better! I love Gunther jumping in to assure he was fine, being able to talk if only a little. And it's nice to hear Jane mention how she stopped the guy by slitting his throat he deserved it so much...

He missed her! Biggest smile on my face there at the end... Man I love your stories and your lovely prose.
1/25/2018 c47 Amelle Kyre
Awwww, that more sweet than sad and I appreciate that! Lol

The fact that she kissed him back I can so easily see him loving that and never letting it go. And using it against her. Like he's fine but he'd lay there and tease her telling her he needs a kiss to come back.

I hope they're better soon. They deserve it that's for sure.
1/25/2018 c46 Amelle Kyre
Awwww Jane's panic is so real. I love the fact that she makes him be the one to breathe for her, after him telling her to do it. Such a perfect moment.
1/25/2018 c45 Amelle Kyre

They... I... They... Gah!
That's something. It's gah... So many feelings... Poor Jane! Poor Gunther. Sometimes it's what you don't write as well. Obviously we see Jane struggling and it's heart wrenching, but imaging just how Gunther must feel to wake up and panic about her and she's telling him to go away... It's almost Romeo and Juliet but without all the suicide which is a good thing.
1/25/2018 c44 Amelle Kyre
I'm not sure I have, the proper thoughts...

Ugh. Your writing is perfect, as always.

The flashbacks! THE FLASHBACKS!

Too many things, it's so charming? I don't even know what word to use here! Their perfect, and make them feel so alive (which is kinda of ironic now that I think about it...) Just flashes of the life they've lived which yes is way to short! God I turn 24 this year... That's way to young, just nope nope nope. They're definitely more mature than I am but still!

Okay I'll go back to crying while I read instead of crying while I write...
1/25/2018 c43 Amelle Kyre
"and said your name." And cue the tears...

Gah hmmmm, poor Jane. All that pain and thinking that he's gone! And that he might be dying, just unfathomable! Ugh and the way you write her in a haze but all the pain and what little she is aware of, you capture everything perfectly!
1/25/2018 c42 Amelle Kyre
Just, hmmmmm, ahhhhh. *Other unorthagraphical noises of pain*

You've killed me again. Congratulations, killed me again.

I love the juxtaposition in the way they are laying down. Them mirroring each other. Once again very cinematic, something you would watch and maybe not take notice the first time. But upon a second viewing it's easily one of the reasons you love the scene so much. You write this images perfectly. So sad and so telling of what's going on with them.
1/25/2018 c41 Amelle Kyre
God, it's been awhile I almost forgot how good your writing was, almost.

Because it's mesmerizing. Seriously.

This is still a bit of rereading for me I read this chapter a while back but it still made my heart kick up in sleep... So much for sleep. We'll see.

How do you take awful things and write about them so elegently?! Is it beautiful or awful? It's both! That's to many emotions to handle at the same time, like I'm being pulled apart at the middle. Beautiful writing of the awful things happening to our poor poor Knights.
12/21/2017 c1 Sperma
Yayyyyy. MOrR PLeASE
10/14/2017 c52 biscuitweevil
“As long as I am worrying about you, it means I still /have/ you to worry about”, is probably my favorite line from this chapter. Their reconciliation is such a relief, and I can only hope that Gunther has learned from it (I guess sometimes you have to really screw up first before you can put things in perspective). I think that given the heightened emotions and confusion of the whole situation (Jane is suffering from emotional and mental trauma while Gunther recovers from nearly dying), there was misunderstanding coming from both sides, and I think the way they both apologized felt authentic; and hopefully there won’t be any lingering hard feelings after this (and you can tell that even if Gunther is still grappling with his worry over Jane, he’s handling it a lot better).

I just want to see them both on the mend, after all of this (before you plunge them into another swirling vortex of angst, that is).

Beautiful work, as always.
10/13/2017 c52 79SunRise19
Aww..what a chapter! Very sweet and touching and loving and just so Jane/Gunther! Brilliant job as always!
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