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5/8 c33 Guest
. Personajes que incorporaste e tu Crossover RWBY Tail


. Zeref

. Nui

. Ardyn

. Vergil

. Aerith

. Ryuko y su hermana y madre

. Ciudades y ubicaciones y naciones incorporadas desde los universos de otras serries y franquicias, estos ejemplos :

. Genshin Impact

. Arknights

. Final Fantasy

. Legend of Zelda

Formando parte de las regiones y el mundo de RWBY en el mundo situado dentro del contexto de este Crossover Fanfiction RWBY

1 par de ideas para que reemplaces the END of Remnant mejor por más historias parecidas a RWBY Tail
4/26 c1 Guest
. 1 universo donde Marvel y DC siempre han sido uno

. En este universo ubicado 1 Crossover Fanfiction Ben 10 Young Justice protagonizado por un personaje OC usuario del Omnitrix

Una historia parecida a RWBY Tail
1/26 c50 Guest
Una de las mejores cosas de esta historia es Zeref y su pasado , es fascinante y bien conectado al lore de RWBY
1/24 c1 Guest
1 Wiki Fandom del universo y personajes de RWBY en este Crossover Fanfiction ? Seria genial
12/15/2022 c51 Guest
I am looking forward for the fight between Ardyn and Nui vs Ryuko and Vergil in chapter 52
12/4/2022 c46 Guest
Ardyn moking about how unlike him Mercury is simply a child who joined a facion that he knows almost nothing about for ówer while Ardynb joined because of far more complex reasons : Lack of faith in Mankind due to his believes and opinion and Ardyn humilliates and kicks Mercury away constantly

Ardyn acts corially around Cinder and Emerald but sometimes kake one or two jokes

Ardyn mokes on Tyrian and shows him who's boss , demostrating that he doesnt fear the Faunus and telling him indireclt that he is aware of how dangerous he is and of his flaws and that he does not want to challenge him and all he cares is to be a lapdog straight in the word , but respects Tyrian powerful and dangerous skills in combat that allow the Faunus to kill so many people

Some ideas
12/4/2022 c51 Guest
When its the next update , I am really looking forward , and how would you correct those few niustakes you make in previous chapters , the ones that I pointed out
12/2/2022 c27 Guest
Falto la relacion amorosa de Weiss

Dos , no se si hacia falta ver a Roman vivo y convertido disque en general de Salem

Tres creo que tambien falta la pareja romantica de Ruby y Blake
11/29/2022 c2 Guest
Epic Vergil moments and show us how skilled he is , to the level of almost rivalazing Maria Calavera
11/22/2022 c41 Guest
I think also that you should rewritte a little the chapter 42 , incorporating the version of the events of the past of Salem and Ozma in that chapter because that was something that was missing
11/22/2022 c34 Guest
I still sincerely believe that one thing you should have let the same is leave Roman Torchwick dead
11/21/2022 c26 Guest
One idea that does not have sense and I dont understand is why did Roman is needed alive , I think that dead or alive it gives the same and that his death was key to some development in the RWBY show
11/17/2022 c48 Guest
You could fuse this Fanfiction with Lights of Remnant and together both Stories will make into One Story even Better yet than both of the Fanfictions alone
11/17/2022 c18 Guest
Y no me gustó tampoco el comportamiento demasiado inmaduro e infantil de Natsu
en esye capítulo 18 respecto a Winter
11/17/2022 c17 Guest
También creo que todavía te falta mostrarnos las parejas románticas de Weiss, Ruby y Blake

Estamos esperando
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