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4/22/2017 c35 Guest
When did Neo develop this crush on Natsu!?
4/19/2017 c35 Love u Tonny
this story is getting too dull for my taste and no, it's not your writing it's probably me losing interest in both Fairy Tail and RWBY :(
4/19/2017 c35 10Grimlock987
Just figured out who the younger brother is for this story. Also Natsu's story reminds me of Maximum Ride
4/19/2017 c35 Nergigante
4/19/2017 c35 Emiliano733
Hello) very good chapter. I like how you made Zeref, it's enough in character, but for Natsu i would prefer a stillborn infused with dust and grimm blood, somebody created by nothing seems me too much even for Remnant. I hope also he won't end up with a stupid harem, and aniway love triangle won't last for all the fic and in both case, as i asked you fucking Lancaster(jaune x ruby).

P.s. acnologia, obviusly. Also, i think thath faunus were the original creation of the gods , does it sounds good for you?
4/19/2017 c35 BlackDragonShinigami
Younger brother/ /acnologia, ig.
And i am so pro-neo! You go babe!
4/19/2017 c35 1Ultimatrix bearer
The other brother should be Acnologia since he desires and I quote "...what I desire is destruction... DESTRUCTION...THE DESTRUCTION OF EVERYTHING!" As for the title "ORIGINS" would have worked too. As for the maidens the power scaling is BS in the show so no comment there. Not gonna lie was a little disappointed at the explanation of DRAGNEEL. Can't wait to see how their contoling Natsu.

4/19/2017 c35 1Lancelot Du Loc
Acnologia, duh
4/19/2017 c35 167Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, Zeref is just as crazy here as in the Fairy Tail series and seeing two of the Maidens fighting for Natsu's love is cool though Yang get in the way of that.
3/21/2017 c34 Crimson
RvB and RWBY crossover I would love to read that
3/19/2017 c34 50Maximillian Havisham
I agree with a previous review that I would have liked to see the Spring Maiden's death, it seemed like a pretty big development to just omit. The battle itself was fine if a little cluttered at times. It was also weird that Yang had no reaction to seeing her mother.

As for the situation in Menagerie it felt kind of 'meh' to me to be perfectly honest. I didn't really know much about Yasha so his death so his heel turn and death didn't really leave much/if any impact on me.

Also, why was his emblem chosen for Blake's revolt? Yeah it sucks that he died, but it didn't feel like he had enough significance for Blake for her to just choose it over the original banner.
3/19/2017 c34 1Ultimatrix bearer
Sorry for the misunderstanding I thought Raven was actually going through with the demands.*still mad she would kidnap her teammates daughter without hesitation* How the heck did neo kill the spring maiden!? I honestly liked that twist but I need an explanation or a fight scene to believe it, I mean Amber was clearly to much for neo or cinder alone,and it's safe to assume the spring maiden was of a comparable level.

And Natsu many questions! But seriously you've officially earned the title of BOSS!

3/18/2017 c34 BlackDragonShinigami
Awesome story
3/18/2017 c34 4Wyvernsaurus
Neo is the Spring Maiden now? Well she just got more deadly.
3/18/2017 c34 3topaz3
Oh come on! Why the hell would you make this!? I don't want Neo to become invincible! I'm not faving this.
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