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2/7/2017 c30 Emiliano733
Fantastic chapter, you made Raven absolutely perfect(in fact she reminds me a little of Esdeath, but Raven seems me a little more complex), seriously, she scares me if possible even more than canon and than Salem himself! I liked also the discussion beetween Tayang and Glynda, i hope thath the will reconcile and thath Yang will sobers Natsu with many, many punches. And i can't wait to see who are Tyrian's partner and whath are those reds mark. But aniway, Ichabod and Nuckelavee are differents Grimms, right?
2/5/2017 c5 1st Dragon King
well that was interesting
2/4/2017 c2 xNaruHina
Wayyyy to many different cross over elements... like seriously man? Also, it is quite disappointing that Natsu wasn't partnered with Yang. :/
2/4/2017 c1 xNaruHina
It doesn't seem like Natsu to just abandon someone who needs a friend... Why did you make him so callous?
2/2/2017 c29 Rebounder1904
Wait, is natsu now a bad guy permanently for the rest pf the story or will he be swayed back to the side of good, because i like the sound of the second option better. Really though, will he become good again or stay bad
1/24/2017 c29 4sparkydragon98
This was a really good chapter! It was nice to see how you diverged from canon. I liked the fight against the Leviathan with Yasha added in. As for Sage, I think he should get dog ears. Cool battle between Roman and the teachers, and I wasn't expecting to see the Spring Maiden. I'm pretty sure Natsu's tail will grow back. It was nice to see Raven, too. Can't wait for the next chapter!

P.S.- I think Captain Nemo is from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. I'm not 100% sure though as I haven't read the book, but that's my guess.
1/23/2017 c29 BlackDragonShinigami
1/22/2017 c29 Guest
Is Hina the CANON Spring Maiden!?
1/23/2017 c29 Emiliano733
Very good chapter, beatiful fights and rights changes( but i hope thath the villa in won't overpower too many opponents how on the train), i hope thath glynda will obtain a little revenge on roman later and for sage i reccomend pig ears.

P.s. please, don't make salem the first winter maiden o even worst summer rose, i hate those theories with all my heart.
1/23/2017 c29 174Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, seems even the demonic Natsu isn't quite a match for Raven when he fought against her and Sun with Yasha are preparing to join Blake on a journey home to sort things out.
1/22/2017 c29 GiantSpidr
can you give sage bunny eat. why? because it would be hilarious imagining sage with bunny ears.
1/22/2017 c29 5MAJORMATT1234
Great Chapter. I really love the Natsu scenes the most. Hope to see Yang and the group run into him at one point
1/22/2017 c29 17bretnorris0
mre plz
1/17/2017 c28 1Dragon Lord Draco
Maybe we didn't notice the references because we didn't know how to pronounce them
Well written
1/14/2017 c28 Guest
Put a chapter up on how Glynda is doing.
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