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1/11/2017 c28 Guest
This story is good plz update soon
1/11/2017 c28 12J.J.R.46
Amzing job keep uo the good work
1/10/2017 c28 10Grimlock987
I don't care how you do it but l want GRIMLOCK to show up
1/10/2017 c28 181Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, the others are doing their best as Weiss is trying to show her father that she's strong on her own and Ruby's team are going through some tough times the village they came to. Hopefully Blake is doing well with a company along the way.
1/10/2017 c28 Emiliano733
Good chapter, i hope you will update early. Yes, jaques is a scum bag, i hope that weiss will scratch him before reunites with the team also in canon
1/3/2017 c27 Emiliano733
Hello, your story is very interesting and wrote well and the yang/natsu is a beatiful ship. I hope thath you will update early, but probably you want to follow the fourth volume and in this case i'm glad to wait.

P.s. i don't think thath oscar is Amber's son, she seems too young for have a son
12/29/2016 c17 Fiction Philosopher
...Erza deserved way better than being beaten like that; her portrayal as a one weapon woman is positively weak, and... basically the same for all the others; Sora was just...
Only Gajeel was worthy his salt here, actually making for a good fight to watch against Natsu, and Loke could be expected to get his ass whipped like that (serves'im right too).
But Sora and Erza alike are some of the toughest and best protagonists ever, and you did THAT to them? I'll just put it plain and simple; ya SHAMED them, man.
Yes; your inexperience with romance scenes and such is evident; dunno if ya just took the stuff for yer pure FT works from other stories (Embers & Droplets and Poisoned Destiny bear SUSPICIOUS similarity to ValinNight's works... but I digress); not feeling a thing here.
12/29/2016 c1 10WampusoWoo
I have NEVER seen Fairy Tail before, so I might have to research a lot of stuff about it and the other stuff you have in this before I continue this, but so far, this is really good.
12/28/2016 c2 Fiction Philosopher
An extremely unorthodox, completely unexpected mix of characters. Meaning a promise of tons of hilarious situations XD
12/27/2016 c27 AnimeLover7597
If you switch the Y and A then they could be named team Ravynger. If you want but it's not a color
12/27/2016 c27 Guest
If Pyrrha REALLY IS DEAD IN CANON, then I wonder WHO Jaune will end up paired with in the end!?
12/27/2016 c27 17bretnorris0
love this need more is igneel gonna be in here
12/27/2016 c27 181Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, everyone are growing stronger by the days to save the world and get there friend back along with Glynda who will join later on. Everyone are separate but will join together to defeat a common enemy.
12/14/2016 c26 1Dragon Lord Draco
I like can't wait for more
11/22/2016 c26 Guest
It's not rape unless you like it ;-)
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