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10/2/2016 c24 Guest
Hey since it's going to be a while how about a origin chapter on Natsu's past of how Glynda raised him to how he got his semblance and to what he was like when he was younger Im throwing this out as a idea well see you when volume 4 comes out.
10/1/2016 c24 1John Fowler
9/29/2016 c24 GreenDragon03
Mmmmm! So awesome!️️
9/29/2016 c24 50Maximillian Havisham
Good chapter. Did not expect the twist with Natsu (better than mine I must admit), but it fits with the type of story you wrote while keeping his original origins the same (i.e. being the "son" of a dragon). Admittedly though I am a bit saddened that you're going to wait until AFTER Vol. 4 is done to add to this story. I was hoping for some more original content detailing what Cinder's group would be during the time skip with Natsu on their side, Ruby and the gang's investigation, or Natsu's origins, but it is your story and you're doing fine as is.

Shame that Pyrrha had to still go though, but that could lead to some development down the line. I also wanted to address the Guest that asked why Pyrrha killed Cinder.

She didn't kill her because she hated her or anything like that, Cinder killed Pyrrha simply because she (Pyrrha) challenged her. If Pyrrha had run away with Jaune, Cinder wouldn't have thought twice about her, but she stepped up so Cinder killed her in response. Simple as that really.
9/28/2016 c24 5Pohis
And so the waiting game begins for the next season of RWBY to come out...sigh...NOO! What am I read during that time if you're done with story for now? Oh well, all I can do now is wait...

Natsu, a creature of darkness, you're not the only one using that idea, wink wink nudge nudge, I knew someone would use that before I did so congratulations buddy. Now this is going to get interesting, Yang joining Ruby for the new 'adventure', Roman is now Grimm, Natsu wrestling with his father of darkness. Wise words for the chapter title because this does...bring More Questions Than Answers...but for now I shall thank you Dragon of The Earth for creating this down right amazing story...

Till Next Time
9/28/2016 c24 Guest
WHAT THE FUCK, Pyrrha STILL DIES!? Why did Cinder even NEED to kill Pyrrha anyways!?
9/28/2016 c24 Guest
So Natsu was never born, he was created. And his father is the Grimm Dragon, so would that make Salem his real mother? And not only does Cinder have Natsu as puppet, but she also has him as a boy toy. Welp, volume 4 of this fanfiction is shaping up to be an interesting read. Can't wait for Yang, Ruby, Jaune, Glynda, and everyone else to confront Natsu. I imagine jaune will try to kill Natsu for his part in pyhras death, and Yang and Glynda trying to bring Natsu back to his scenses. Injoy your break
9/28/2016 c24 181Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, Ruby and the gang will have to train a lot to fight against Natsu and somehow bring him back for him to defeat him darkness. Hope volume 4 will bring you inspiration of coming up with new chapters for the story.
9/28/2016 c24 14Fall2Glory
So, Natsu is now E.N.D. and a Grimm, Roman is also back, but as a Grimm and Yang has a Robo arm (that sadly doesn't have a Penny A.I.) and if Salem wanted to she could go full Zeref on us... am I missing anything?
9/28/2016 c24 1Lancelot Du Loc
wait... Eradicator Natsu Dragneel... E.N.D... YOU CHEEKY DICKWAFFLE!
9/28/2016 c24 10Grimlock987
9/28/2016 c23 Guest
Robot arm! Either that or wait and see what Monty (God bless his soul) had planned for her.
9/25/2016 c23 Guest
great fanfiction yes to yangs robot arm
9/23/2016 c5 Kalomin
a little late now, but I don't think you should have included the girlfriend bit in his bio. you haven't even started with any possible romantic plots/sub-plots and you've already given away how those will go for him.
9/20/2016 c23 Guest
Noooooo! Now I have to wait for an intire month just to read the the next chapter. God dammit, I hope you post the chapter soon, and have fun injoying your break when you finish watching volume 4.
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