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11/17/2022 c17 Guest
También creo que todavía te falta mostrarnos las parejas románticas de Weiss, Ruby y Blake

Estamos esperando
11/17/2022 c13 Guest
Lo único que me decepciona es escenas en la que Natsu es fácilmente derrotado a manos de enemigos inferiores, como esa patrulla de White Fang
11/6/2022 c4 Ltbutterfly287
As I read this chapter all I could say was why the fuck is natsu such a passive bitch. For starters he would have never just let Cardin tie his tail in a bit around his neck cause I would assume he has prior training like everyone else that the fact that a character as slow as Cardin would be unable to do something like that so fast that natsu couldn’t react. The problem so far that I see which is a common problem is that you are going out of your way to essentially degrade natsu so that his existence doesn’t interfere with the original plot of RWBY. I also can’t really understand what his powers are seeing how he did some ice shit and fire shit but we haven’t had an opportunity where you established what he can actually do which really should only be his original powers from fairy tail but it feels like all you’ve done is take the look and the name and create a completely original version which is worse.
7/13/2022 c13 Dragon
Yea,still for see anything about natsu eating ice dust,been reading for a few times still don't get anything
7/13/2022 c49 Natsu
It's good but not perfect,5/10. There's not enough of natsu and Glynda,and too many other anime characters in here,if I end up seeing more after chapter 52,I'm gonna stop reading it's getting boring seeing more anime characters in here when it's only supposed to be RWBY TEAM and NATSUS TEAM not more anime characters and definitely not from FAIRY TAIL, even though I love fairy says natsu,so it should ONLY BE natsu...
7/8/2022 c15 Natsu
I rather have myself dating velvet or Weiss,not yang
5/28/2022 c51 2merendinoemiliano
Mhh, I'd have preferred more changes
5/28/2022 c51 6MajorBrony95
Nice to see a new chapter at last!

Me? I am personally in limbo with JSPR, BUT I'm hoping I'll get more time to work on it soon (possible POSSIBLE new job offer that may not be too stressful). Hopefully soon, I can get back to creating the JSPRverse! Just you wait and see!

I found it kind of cool you combined ALL of those episodes into one big one. Yeah, while I admit what happened with Ironwood sucked, it does make sense that he would become like that. It seems many of Ozpin's allies eventually have this happen to them: they eventually embody the antithesis of the characters they're based on. Lionheart became an absolute coward willing to throw his lot in with Salem to save himself, Ironwood became totally coldhearted and devoid of love and caring, and even Qrow became stupid and idiotic for a time due to all his drinking- in a sense, completely brainless. Makes you wonder if Theo will go through this or not. Or even Glynda.
5/28/2022 c51 167Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, well now the friends who looked out for each other have now become enemies with everything going crazy of the Grimms and Salem coming as Natsu and the others will have to fend for themselves.
5/28/2022 c51 4Monster King
Good job
4/4/2022 c1 Drago1404
sad to See that this seems abandoned, it's very good
2/15/2022 c50 1ShaxTheDemon
Can't wait for the next chapter. This is like one of the few NatsuxYang crossovers that has any substance.
11/20/2021 c50 4Monster King
11/20/2021 c50 2merendinoemiliano
Cool, but I hope it won't come to a civil war as in canon
10/2/2021 c4 10frostxd60
This review is my honest opinion as a third party.

Overall you have decent spelling and grammar.

A major issue I have with the story is the inclusion of teams rwby and jnpr to a lesser extent. That issue being you essential just copy and paste the show. Lumping in Natsu and the others.

You can have instances with the main cast interacting with him and his team. My issue is the story's main point and focus should be Natsu only. Also how little them being in the story matters to the end.

My critic, right or wrong just what I noticed.
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