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2/27/2016 c3 ivan0061509
Nice chapter it was awesome so I can't wait to read the next chapter
2/27/2016 c3 62Smut In The Sun
Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna give, never gonna give, never gonna give. *give you up*.
Necessary Rick Roll was necessary.

Cool chapter, but Ren was able to kill a king on his own so maybe having them fight a giant Creep would have been better. So was Dragneel his Father's Sir name?
2/26/2016 c2 3topaz3
So he's a faunus. And I'm guessing his team will be NVAR? Wait, why Natsu is a faunus?
2/26/2016 c2 1fer gp
I JUST pray you don't kill Aerith AND Pyrhia on this story do you read me? if you must kill one of THEM but not both, I don't think I could handle that.
2/25/2016 c2 1Lancelot Du Loc
You Sly bastard
2/22/2016 c2 Guest
This is awesome! Keep it going!
2/18/2016 c1 Guest
I really enjoy this fic, it's really good. keep it up!
2/19/2016 c2 3massone22
good idea for natsu
2/18/2016 c2 AnimeLover7597
great story update soon but maybe you could add a couple more fairy tail characters
2/18/2016 c2 FlopsyTheStingyDingo
Are they going to be team RAVN?
2/18/2016 c2 3RHatch89
awesome update :)
2/18/2016 c2 ivan0061509
Nice chapter it was good and I like natsu choice of a partner. Also for the poll I give you my choice ruby so I can't wait to read the next chapter
2/18/2016 c1 ivan0061509
Awesome first chapter I like it so I can't wait to read the next post
2/15/2016 c1 RHatch89
intriguing :)
2/12/2016 c1 6Xenolis
Give him this world's Ezra as his team mate
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